Paris having been declared in a state of blockade, the gates were closed, and no one was permitted to leave the capital, particularly by the Barriere de la Chapelle. It is true that special permission might be obtained, and with tolerable ease, by those who wished to leave the city; but the forms to be observed for obtaining the permission deterred the mass of the people from proceeding to St.

Louis was evidently deeply impressed by the fearless words and the wild earnestness of the speaker. He leaned his head upon his hand for a little time, and remained sunk in the deepest thought. "Besides, sire," said Pere la Chaise softly, "there would be little need for these stronger measures of which the good abbe speaks.

And she roll her head on the floor and whisper, so low, so slow, 'Him dead? I know she mean Borg, and I say yes. Then she lift up on one elbow, and look about quick, in big hurry, and when she see Vincent she look no more, only she look at Vincent all the time. Then she point at him, just like that." Suiting the action to the word, La Flitche turned and thrust a wavering finger at the prisoner.

"She is cured, isn't she?" the poor woman asked, feeling that she herself was dying. La Grivotte heard her, and exclaimed triumphantly: "Oh, yes, madame, cured, cured, cured completely!" For a moment Madame Vetu seemed overcome by a miserable feeling of grief, the revolt of one who will not succumb while others continue to live.

"The same? why, she is not going into mourning on my return? ha! ha!" "La bless you, miss, mourning? you can't call that mourning glace silk and love-ribbons scalloped out, and cetera. Of course it was not my business to tell her so; but I could not help thinking to myself, if that is the way my folk are going to mourn for me, they may just let it alone.

Towards eleven o'clock one of them, the "Dunkirk," was abreast of him to windward, within short speaking distance; and the ship of the Admiral, displaying a red flag as a signal to engage, was not far off. Hocquart called out: "Are we at peace, or war?" He declares that Howe, captain of the "Dunkirk," replied in French: "La paix, la paix."

The enemy crosses the Somme. The stand by the 184th Infantry Brigade at Nesle. Colonel Wetherall wounded. Counter-attack against La Motte. Bennett captured. The Battalion's sacrifice in the great battle. After the battle for the Beauvoir Line the 184th Infantry Brigade was ordered back to Nesle.

The minister of that Department was on the spot, and he employed the guard of his household in maintaining his authority. I learned from the porter that the Due de Rovigo had been arrested and carried to the prison of La Force.

"As you please, monsieur," said I. "La parole est

More palatable, and proportionately digestible, are the following methods of cooking this useful vegetable: 1, Saratoga potatoes; 2, a la maitre d'hotel; 3, potato croquettes; 4, potatoes and cream; 5, a la Lyonnaise. For Saratogas, pare and slice your potatoes as thin as possible, dropping them into cold water in which is dissolved a tiny piece of alum to make them crisp.