Evidently what she had to say was too confidential to admit of a listener, not that the old ferryman seemed likely to take the trouble of listening to any talk that was not addressed to him. Lily soon did address her talk to him, "So, Brown, the cow has quite recovered." "Yes, Miss, thanks to you, and God bless you. To think of your beating the old witch like that!"

"What are we quarreling already?" he asked. "No, but " "You think I am being wildly extravagant. Why, bless your ladyship's dear little heart, this hotel doesn't begin to know how to charge like a taxi. Now, no argument till to-morrow.

As he said the words "some money," his lips quivered, and a tremor ran through his whole frame, for his thoughts were vividly picturing a recently departed period, when he was under no necessity of asking money from any individual. "Bless me, my dear Mr.

But, there, the only thing now is to bring them together before he goes. We don't know his address, miss; we don't know what country he is in. He sent a line to Miss Clifford a month ago from Dover, but that is all; but, in course, he writes to you that stands to reason; you'll give me his address, miss, won't you? and we shall all bless you."

He wrote the figure eight. Lasse turned the slate up and down, and peered at it. "Yes, upon my word, it is the same! Just look here, Pelle! It's like the cat that always comes down upon its feet, no matter how you drop it. Lord bless my soul! how nice it must be to be able to spell! How did you learn it, brother?" "Oh," said Kalle, in a tone of superiority.

"Yes, sir," came back sharply, and the lawyer frowned, turned round, and went out once more. The outer door had not closed a minute before the inner one opened, and Pringle's head appeared, but with its owner evidently on the alert, and ready to snatch it back again. "Good-bye! Bless you!" he said aloud. "Pray take care of yourself, sir.

He became almost incoherent. "God bless my soul!" he spluttered. "Have you gone mad, Burton? What's come to you since the morning? Have you changed into a blithering fool, or what?" "I think not, sir," Burton replied, gravely. "I don't exactly remember for the moment," he went on with a slight frown.

Norman and I made her go to bed at daybreak. If you must go, get out of the house as quietly as you can, and I'll have Pete and the buggy waiting for you at the gate." "God bless you!" said Tom fervently; and then he set his teeth hard and did that which came next. The Dabney buggy was waiting for him when, after what seemed like a pilgrimage of endless miles, he had crept down to the gate.

I told her I had left her wages in an envelope on the dressing-table, and then I stammered something about being too poor to make her a present to remember me by. "It doesn't need a present to help me to remember a good mistress, my lady," she said. "God bless you for being so good to me," I answered, and then I kissed her. "I'll remember you by that, though," she said, and she began to cry.

By to-morrow I must be Monsieur Coquet's successor and see my name on the list for promotion in the Legion of Honor at the July fetes, or else the documentary evidence and my charge against you will be laid before the Bench. I am not so hard to deal with after all, you see." "Bless me, and such a pretty woman!" said the Justice of the Peace to the police constable.