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Granice stopped speaking and looked across the smoke-fumes at his listener; but Denver's face remained inscrutable. At length he said: "Why did you want to tell me this?" The question startled Granice. He was about to explain, as he had explained to Ascham; but suddenly it occurred to him that if his motive had not seemed convincing to the lawyer it would carry much less weight with Denver.

He allowed his hand to remain for a few moments, shining white in the moonlight, in order to signify to the man below that he was in readiness, and was prepared to let down the line. As if in answer, another small pebble came clattering against the wall just below the grating, and Roger's heart stood still for a moment with deadly fear, lest any unwelcome listener might be about.

She wore a new dress of thin midnight blue which Randy had bought for her and which was very becoming; her hair was waved and dressed, and she had Major Prime as an attentive listener while she talked of the past and linked it with the present. "Of course there was a time when the men drank themselves under the tables.

It has many charming points." She looked round with a face that had suddenly become coolly critical, an embodied intelligence. Daphne, as though divining for the first time a listener worthy of her steel, began to talk with some rapidity of the changes she wished to make. She talked with an evident desire to show off, to make an impression. Mrs.

Imagine the fine old King thinking it wicked not to hear plays, but to hear players act them, and so making the royal family a company of comedians. Mon Dieu! how villanously they perform! but do you know why I wished to be introduced to you?" "Yes! in order to have a new listener: old listeners must be almost as tedious as old news." "Very shrewdly said, and not far from the truth.

When she spoke like this to Philip, as she sometimes did, she seemed quite unconscious that he was a listener, it was rather as if he were part of her and thinking the same thoughts. To Philip she seemed wonderful. He had never bothered his head in that way about abstract things when he was her age, and he could not understand it in her.

"It was mentioned in terms that pained my heart as I listened; for it is never too easy a task to forget the lapse of years, nor are the feelings of youth to be easily eradicated." "Ay, there is luxury in knowing that, with all their affected abuse, the slaves dread me in their secret holds!" exclaimed the Pilot, pacing in front of his listener with quick steps.

He turned from the uncompromising face of the police officer to Colwyn, as though he divined in him a more unprejudiced listener. "I did not murder Mr. Glenthorpe, but I went to his room with the intention of robbing him the night he was murdered," he commenced. "I was in desperate straits for money. The brewer had threatened to turn me out of the inn because I couldn't pay my way. I knew Mr.

"It's going to be a long story," Copper said. "Even though I have forgotten some of it, I can chant the redes for hours." Kennon braced his back against one of the fat tires of the jeep. "I'm a good listener," he said. She chuckled. "You asked for this," she said and took up the verses where she had left off.

used to be the Professor's favorite line, for 'das land' meant Germany to him, but now he seemed to dwell, with peculiar warmth and melody, upon the words... There, oh there, might I with thee, O, my beloved, go and one listener was so thrilled by the tender invitation that she longed to say she did know the land, and would joyfully depart thither whenever he liked.