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True, now that divorce had pushed its way up and had become recognized by fashionable society, had become an established social favorite, marriage had been robbed of one of its terrors. But the other remained divorce still meant alimony.

Being now free from the charge of his daughter, he determined to visit Germany, and, if circumstances were propitious, to secure a refuge for his old age in his favorite Leipsic. Summer was at hand, and the court had already removed to Oranienbaum. In a few weeks the capital would be deserted.

"I won't go a step farther till I know what I'm goin' to say when I get there." Abner began to repeat paragraphs from Hints and Helps. "'It is best to remark," he opened, in an unnatural voice, "'How well you are looking! although fulsome compliments should be avoided. When seated ask the young lady who her favorite composer is."

They themselves are swallowed up in it; but, thanks to their essential vigor and indestructible life, the true and the beautiful make a victorious fight, and issue triumphant from the abyss. No doubt the artist is the child of his time, but unhappy for him if he is its disciple or even its favorite!

"I'll make sure they leave no trail behind to catch the eye of a horseman riding past. Besides, we're not dead sure, you know, that the rustlers have really got a camp around these diggings. P'raps now, they just push through the canyon to get to some other point across the divide. Or it may be a favorite trail for them to carry off the cattle they rustle.

"You defy me, do you?" "Yes, I have said it, I defy you." "Well, then, so be it," he replied, "you must take the consequences, that's all, and let your favorite, M'Carthy, look to himself too." Having uttered these significant words, ha reentered the double ditch, along which a common pathway went, and in a minute or two was out of sight.

"Where do you suppose that jewel went, Sir Governor," said the favorite, "that jewel which was overnice to shine at court, which set up its will against the King's, which would have none of that one to whom it had been given?" "I am a plain man, my lord," replied the Governor bluntly. "An it please you, give me plain words."

Sidley, as I was to find out later, had less cause to care for the old man than anybody about the shop, for he used to disarrange Sidley's neatly piled exchanges, pawing through them for his favorite papers.

The girls found much to talk about in anticipation of their journey, and the time passed quickly and pleasantly until the dinner hour, while during the meal the family were all so agreeable and entertaining for Violet was a great favorite with them that she forgot, for the time, the unpleasantness of the morning and her clear, happy laugh rang out with all her customary abandon.

Little groups were handing round a half loaf of army bread, and washing it down with gulps of wine. "Hello, sport!" they cried at me; and the favorite "All right," and "Tommy!"