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If she be addicted to drunkenness, people will divine that her husband must have treated her brutally; if she be seen with other men, folks suspect that he neglects her. If her husband seeks satisfaction for his desires elsewhere, she may divorce him and secure alimony; if he deserts her the law will return him to her side, if it can find him.

Roberto and Manuel gazed at him in curiosity. "And Rosita, didn't you ever see her again?" asked Roberto. "No. They told me that she had got a divorce from Napoleon so that she could marry again, in Boston, some millionaire from the West. Ah, women.... Who can trust them? ... But gentlemen, it's already eleven. Pardon me; I'll have to be going.

Such marriages are always the occasion for big headlines in the paper, usually a double set of them, for, in most instances, the divorce follows within a year or so. It is a dangerous thing for a girl to receive attentions indiscriminately from men, especially those who drift across her horizon from the great world outside.

Fouche the minister of police, made Josephine the means of suggesting to Napoleon, the measure of her own divorce, and subsequently Napoleon made Josephine acquainted with the cruel certainty, that the separation was ultimately determined upon. When this sentence had finally dissolved their union, the emperor retired to St. Cloud, where he lived in seclusion for some days.

He was only a few years younger than Cicero and Pompey. When he was eighteen he attracted the notice of Sulla, then dictator, who wished him to divorce his wife and take such a one as he should propose, which the young man, at the risk of his life, refused to do. This boldness and independence of course displeased the Dictator, who predicted his future.

We can recognize that phase in the tendency, well marked in all civilized lands, to an ever increasing flexibility of marriage. The idea, and even the fact, of marriage by consent and divorce by failure of that consent, which we are now approaching, has never indeed been quite extinct.

"Let me see: I think she and her husband have been separated for some time." "Yes, for two years." "You're acting with her consent, of course?" "I have spoken to her." "You know the law of divorce, I suppose?" Gregory answered with a painful smile: "I'm not very clear about it; I hardly ever look at those cases in the paper. I hate the whole idea." Mr.

Well, we've got to think what to do," Mary Houghton said. "Do? What do you mean? Get a divorce for him?" "He's just married; he doesn't want a divorce yet," she said, simply; and her husband laughed, in spite of his consternation. "Oh, lord, I wish I was asleep!

How ever you can bear her I don't see, and you a nice girl. She won't do you no good, Miss Knight." "Oh, pshaw! She was nervous." "I should think she would be. I'll be glad if her millionaire takes her out of the business, like she thinks he will. Poor man! He's laying up trouble for himself, that he is. She'll land him in the divorce court with her flesh-light photographs."

Any further offence, however, will in technical language 'revive' the past, and under these circumstances, though nothing can be done at present, there may be hope in the future. After seeing your ward, I quite appreciate your anxiety in the matter, though I am by no means sure that you are right in advising this divorce.

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