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Food and lodging were offered them freely in the cabins as in the great houses of officials and rich folks, where they spent hours watching the skilled artisans among the feudal retainers of their hosts weaving silk, making woollen and cotton garments, brocade and embroideries, or hammering artistic designs on silver or copper plates backed with lac.

The fact that Sir Roderick Murchison, as a geologist, laid down a theory of the existence of a chain of lakes upon an elevated plateau in Central Africa, which theory has been now in great measure confirmed by actual inspection, induces me to quote an extract from his address at the anniversary meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, 23d May, 1864.

Farron's manner, but, like a great singer who has learned perfect enunciation even in the most trivial sentences of every-day matters, she, as a great beauty, had learned the perfection of self-presentation, which probably did not wholly desert her even in the dentist's chair. She drew off her long, pale, spotless gloves. "No tea, my dear," she said.

For the last link which tied them to the shore, seemed to him to be broken, when the "Flash's" engines were stopped for the pilot to go down into his boat, which dropped astern into the darkness directly the gong sounded for the engines to go on ahead: and away she raced, once more, through the black darkness, with nothing to guide her upon her journey through the pathless sea, except a little flickering quivering needle the sailor's companion the great world round the friend which always, no matter where they may be, points with its tiny finger constantly to the north.

Cliff and Willy to reach again their charming home, and their friends were filled with a pleasure which they could scarcely express to see and enjoy the beauties and the comforts with which Mrs. Cliff had surrounded herself; but there was still upon them all the shadow of that great misfortune which had happened off the eastern coast of South America.

"In a moment a very modest and rather pretty young lady walked in. She was evidently greatly embarrassed. I arose, and extending my hand asked her to be seated. She sat down for a moment, and then hesitatingly said: "'Your wife is unwell, I understand, Mr. Lyon? "'Yes, I replied; 'very unwell. She has had a great sorrow recently. "'Yes, sir; so I understand.

I think you have had punishment enough otherwise, but you can't make up to Marian for having those girls treat her so." Patty's tears flowed afresh, but she agreed to give up what meant a great deal to her.

This was a fine chance for Alaric, who had all the temper of a great conqueror, and to the wild bravery of a Goth had added the knowledge and skill of a Roman general. He led his forces through the Alps into Italy, and showed himself before the gates of Milan.

Come down below, and I will give you a basketful to hawk about." "I shall have to tell them at the canteen Mother Charcoal's that I am going to leave." "That won't do. You must come at once if you come at all. Which will you do?" While she still hesitated, a voice from the subterranean regions at the end of the shop fell upon her ear. Her heart gave a great jump at the sound it was Benito's. "Joe!

The foremost of these, a tall, strong figure, with a clear blue eye and an open, intelligent face, might very well represent that race of restless and intrepid pioneers whose axes and rifles have opened a path from the Alleghenies to the western prairies. He was on his way to Oregon, probably a more congenial field to him than any that now remained on this side the great plains.