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The sweet-scented dusk was soothing to the senses, and there in the narrow glen, with the wide blue strath and the gleam of the river below, it was hard to find the link of reality and easy to credit fairyland. Arthur and Miss Wishart had gone on in front and were now strayed among boulders.

"I'd like awfully to have the complete transcript of 'The State versus Maginty. Mr. Sanderson is determined to get a conviction where our former district attorney most ingloriously failed. The new trial comes up in two weeks, and he wants me to try to uncover a missing link of evidence." "I know," she nodded, and stretched her short, slender body to pull down the two heavy volumes he required.

Rather He is one of the series who, like the melancholy captives on the road to Siberia, each carries a link of the hopeless chain that binds them all together.

Thus, Link had grown to manhood with no dog at his heels, and without knowing the normal human's love for canine chumship. The primal instinct, long buried, stirred within him now; at touch of the warm tongue on his calloused hand and at sound of that friendly tail wagging in the dry grass.

Stead and I projected the Link, a halfpenny weekly, the spirit of which was described in its motto, taken from Victor Hugo: "The people are silence. I will be the advocate of this silence. I will speak for the dumb. I will speak of the small to the great and of the feeble to the strong.... I will speak for all the despairing silent ones.

"What privilege can you mean?" "The right of withdrawing from the ranks of the living as soon as annihilation seems more endurable than existence and I choose to call death to release me." "The gods, it is true, cannot die." "And the Christians only to link a new life on to death." "But a fairer and a happier than this on earth." They say it is a life of bliss.

And with what associations of the brightest traditions connected with Nature they link her more luxuriant loveliness! Must we breathe only the malaria of Rome to be capable of feeling the interest attached to the fountain or the statue? "I am glad," said the Earl, "that you admired my bust of Cicero it is from an original very lately discovered.

However, it would seem that because the African came to believe in his own inferiority, there must have been very little conscious attempt to keep his culture alive. Certainly, the recent Black Power movement, which intended to revive pride in race and in the past, bears eloquent testimony to the degree to which any conscious link with the African past had been suppressed.

Since the New England people were fitted by their temperament and history to take the lead in the struggle, at their chief town naturally took place the more important incidents. These, which were often dramatic, had nevertheless a political cause and significance which link them in a rising series that ended in a violent outbreak and the eleven months' leaguer.

The quick changes prevented outsiders from noticing that the absence of Nicholas Crips was always coincident with the appearance of Mahdi, the Missing Link; but, still, nice judgment and caution had to be observed in effecting the transformation.