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Hundreds of thousands of men drawn from shops, factories, offices, who have been hardened and stimulated by their out-of-doors campaigning, will be averse from returning to their old drab conditions, and coincident with this the rich and beautiful farmlands of England will be made available in holdings for such as wish to settle on the land and to establish themselves there.

Coincident with the creation of foreign ideals concerning church societies was the formation of of a foreign idea of church-membership and church-relationship. In the beginning, as we have shown, the church was simply the divine family. Therefore salvation through Christ was its sole condition of membership.

The cause of the unsatisfactory character of the deposit is apparently sometimes to be found in the coincident liberation of considerable hydrogen and sometimes in the failure of the rapidly deposited material to form a continuous adherent surface. The effect of rotating electrodes upon the character of the deposit is referred to below.

The ganglionic nervous excitement coincident with the maturation of the ovule and the congestion of the uterus, is easily communicated to the vaso-motor nerves of the latter organ.

I use this scale because within it lie all the principal resonances involved in voice-production. By this I mean that somewhere between the interval G# to C# an oral resonance is developed in the majority of voices. This seems to be coincident with the action of the lips, the tongue and the soft palate, and the other muscles that go to increase or to decrease the size of the oral cavity.

When one or two of the sides of a prism were exposed, at the edge of the piece of ice, the prism could be pushed out entire, like a knot from the edge of a piece of wood. In some cases there seemed to be capillary fissures coincident with the lines where several sides of prisms met.

Maryland, with raised eyebrows and an uncommon expression of fun playing about the lines of his mouth. 'It is not always safe to conclude that coincident facts have a relation of cause and effect. 'No said the girl, 'I suppose not. But I stood there all by myself and heard him turn the keys and rattle the bolts and then I ran upstairs to find Mrs.

Moreover, their tendency is often to sell the minor portion of their product that goes for export at lower than the domestic price in order to dispose of it without depressing local prices. They do not need to conspire, for there can be perfectly coincident action to meet the same economic currents.

Smith stepped quietly across the room and tried the door. It proved to be unlocked, and an instant later, we were both outside in the passage. Coincident with our arrival there, arose a sudden outcry from some place at the westward end. A high-pitched, grating voice, in which guttural notes alternated with a serpent-like hissing, was raised in anger. "Dr.

Chronic nephritis is often a coincident disease, but the causes of the arteriosclerosis and the nephritis are generally the same. Alcohol, except as a part of overeating and as a disturber of the digestion, is perhaps not a direct cause of arteriosclerosis, as alcohol is a vasodilator.

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