She WOULD have held her tongue, as she afterwards confided to me, if it had not been for a horrible fear which flashed into her mind that possibly sawdust puddings were not healthy for people to eat especially if there might be needles in them and that if any mischief had been done in that direction it was her duty to undo it if possible at any cost of ridicule to herself.

It was impossible to bring home to him an accusation of complicity in an outrage which had been carried through with remarkable skill. And when it is impossible to force home an accusation, a wise man will hold his tongue.

Nels Jensen reached his home late in the afternoon, his face grave and his tongue more than usually tight. His wife, Karen, looked at him for some time before she spoke. "Find anything, up in?" He nodded quietly. "Doctor get to that sick man?" "He wasn't sick," rejoined Nels. "Tree fell on him." "What you do with him?" "Died before we come out. Whole woods was afire up in there."

"Well, Agnes " said I, and the words froze on my tongue; for there, in the door, stood Emma Saxon. I don't know how long she stood there. I only know I couldn't stir or take my eyes from her. Afterward I was terribly frightened, but at the time it wasn't fear I felt, but something deeper and quieter.

He sat and gazed at Racey Dawson. "Don't be a hawg," resumed Racey. "Move over and lemme sit down, too. That's the boy. Now we're both comfortable, Peaches, you mean to sit there and tell me you didn't hear any shooting up at the Starlight a while back?" Peaches Austin wetted his lips with the tip of a careful tongue. "I heard shootin'," he admitted, stiff-lipped. "And what did you think it was?"

I never could understand an account of protit and loss in any other tongue, Patroon; and even a favorable balance never appears so great as it is, unless the account be rendered in one or the other of these rational dialects.

DUPONT. This young actor, who is of a very delicate constitution, has never had what we call great powers on the stage; and a complaint in his tongue has occasioned a great difficulty in his articulation. Without having a noble air, he has something distinguishing in his manner.

'I was brought up in the Latin tongue or ever I had the English, she answered. 'I had a good master, one that spoke the learned language always. 'Aye, Nicholas Udal, Cromwell said. 'You know all men in the land, she said, with fear and surprise. 'I had him to master for the Lady Mary, since he is well disposed. ''Tis an arrant knave tho' the best of pedagogues, she answered.

And this is almost universally the way of the world. He who would keep this Commandment, would have both hands full doing only those good works which concern the tongue. And then, how many are there who allow themselves to be silenced and swerved aside from the truth by presents and gifts! so that in all places it is truly a high, great, rare work, not to be a false witness against one's neighbor.

Foreigners in birth and tongue, foreigners in thought, must have found the place and time narrow indeed.