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But, possibly because he knew he could never again feel toward Miss Avondale as he had, he was the more anxious to be just, and he was about to utter a protest against this general assumption, when the voice of Sir William broke in upon them. He was taking his leave and the opportunity of accompanying Miss Avondale to her lodgings on the way to his hotel.

"Can I do anything for you, sir? though really, if yours is a charitable visit, I must remind you that my own church looks to me for all I can possibly afford." "I do not come, Mrs. Burrell, to ask for money. I bring you this sovereign, which belongs to Mr. Roland Tresham."

The people about me talk with the utmost unconcern of whether I can live one month or possibly two. Anything beyond that is quite out of the question." The squire took a pride in making the worst of his case, so that the people to whom he talked should marvel the more at his vitality. "But we won't mind my health now. It is true, I fear, that you have quarrelled with your uncle."

The visibility, too, became somewhat poor which possibly was one reason that influenced Jack to make a certain decision which Perk heard later on with unbounded pleasure.

I have been assured that, in 1814, on the departure of the Emperor for the Island of Elba, Monsieur Frere was by no means the last to blame my conduct, the motive of which he could not possibly know; but I am not willing to believe this, for it seems to me that in his place, if I thought I could not defend an absent friend, I should at least have kept silence.

Sabine nearly died of it; her milk went to the head; erysipelas set in, and possibly she may bear the marks for the rest of her days." As Beatrix listened to this tirade her face was due North, icy enough to freeze the Seine had she looked at it. "So much the better," she said; "perhaps it will whiten her for you."

It might come to something of importance for me. In two or three years, if all goes well, such a thing might possibly give me a start." A singular solemnity had settled upon Eve's countenance. She spoke not a word, and seemed unaccountably ill at ease. "Do you think I am in the clouds?" said Hilliard. "Oh, no! Why shouldn't you get on as other men do?"

She, herself, was tall and slender, and wore her rich street costume with an easy elegance, as if fine clothing were too much a matter of course to excite her interest. But upon her face were lines which showed that, at some time, she had looked long and deeply into the hollow eyes of trouble, possibly despair.

Webster failed to reach the position he desired, because of his enemies, and, possibly, from jealousy of his towering height, just as Clay failed, and Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton, and Stephen Douglas, and William H. Seward. The politicians, who control the people, prefer men in the presidential chair whom they think they can manage and use, not those to whom they will be forced to succumb.

Do you think he gave any of the other girls anything, Maria?" "I don't think so." "I can't help hoping he did not. And I don't believe it is so very wicked, because I know that none of the other girls can possibly love him as much as I do. But, Maria " "Well?" "I do love him enough not to complain if he really loved some other girl, and she was good, and would make him happy.