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Apparently satisfied, the shadow went on: "If the girl should die in your arms, no one will blame you, and your fifty pistoles will be a hundred. 'Tis but a quick nip of finger and thumb on an infant's neck. Do you understand?" "What I do not understand," retorted Lagardere, "is why you do not do the job yourself and save your money." It was now Peyrolles's turn to be annoyed.

Even should no accident happen to her, I knew that before she could reach Plymouth I might be ordered off to sea. I felt bitterly that I was not my own master. I did not blame anybody. Who was there to blame? I could only find fault with the system, and complain that such a system was allowed to exist.

Giddings said that this was probably true; and under the circumstances he couldn't blame him. He, Giddings, would feel a little sore to see things which were a part of himself going out of date. It was a natural feeling. Whereupon Mrs.

He felt that in some unaccountable way they believed that he was to blame for all the trouble, and that he should have taken more care of the old man. After they had gone some distance along the old road and had found nothing, they stopped and held a consultation as to what they should do. "Suppose we divide up and search through the woods," Jasper suggested.

"I have long had it in mind to write, but until now have hesitated; for I feared blame, because I had not studied law and the sacred writings, as have others who have never changed their language, but gone on to perfection in it; but my speech is translated into another language, and the roughness of my writing shows how little I have been taught.

Joe, sitting opposite, watched her graceful action with a kindling eye. "Drop behind a bit," he whispered. "I want to talk to you. Are you listening?" She seemed not to have heard. Nevertheless the other boat drew away a little. "Look here," Joe began with what he intended to be an ingratiating air, "this is a bad business for you. I'm not saying I blame you.

"She found out what sort of man her father really was and, bein' a high-spirited, proud girl as proud and high-spirited as she is clever and pretty and good she ran away and left us. We don't blame her, Hosy and I. We understand just how she feels and we've made up our minds to do as she asks and not try to follow her or try to bring her back to us against her will. We think the world of her.

I cannot bother with this bad fellow, who now wants to make out I took the spoons; but that is always the way with thieves they blame it on some one else if they can." The more Mr. Coon thought about those spoons the more certain he was that Mr. Crow had something to do with their being found in his house; so one night about a week after he went to Mr. Crow's house and watched.

At the death of the king the revolutionists were struck with consternation. “Victor Emmanuel is no more!” said the Liberta, “and Italy is like a warrior without his sword.” They all felt as if the edifice which they had raised were falling to pieces. They took no blame to themselves, however.

The Roman theatre, however, was not provided with this; and we can hardly therefore throw the blame on the poet, if everything, even childbirth, was represented on the street. Aesthetic Result Such was the nature of the Roman comedy of the sixth century.