Then she started to her feet, and drew back against the fireplace, and gazed at the body of her husband. For fully five minutes she stood motionless, scarcely daring to draw breath, dazed and stupefied with horror, trying to realise what had happened.

At last the welcome daylight burst upon them, and grasping the tufts of heather, they drew themselves on to firm ground. 'At last, said Marjorie, throwing herself down on the heather, and blinking in the sun. 'Now you can go to the lighthouse, Neil. 'Hullo, said a voice; and Marjorie looked up to see the laird and Mr.

By degrees, the rubbish that lay upon the article which he had hooked gave way; he drew it to the surface of the water, and what was his rapture at seeing something like silver glittering at the end of his line!

The cook and housemaid simultaneously ejaculated 'Lor! and drew their chairs closer together. 'I heerd it now, quite apparent, resumed Mr. Giles. "Somebody," I says, "is forcing of a door, or window; what's to be done?

"I wish Anne were here," mused Grace, as she took her seat and drew out her text-book on second year French. Then for the time being she dismissed Marian from her mind, and turned her attention to the lesson on hand. By the time school closed that afternoon Grace had made up her mind to go to see Marian before going home.

Chauncy Wilson laughed again, leaning forward to knock the ashes out of his pipe. "He's a fool, fast enough; and I dare say you're tired of his beastly spooning; but all the same, the real reason for this circus is that you want to amuse yourself." She drew up her head in mock dignity.

One day a few weeks later Marian ran to Miss Dorothy with a letter her grandfather had just brought in, and when her teacher opened it, she saw her smile as she drew a sheet from within the longer letter. "This is for you, Marian," said Miss Dorothy.

"You see, it wasn't just the rhymin' o' them verses, and they kinder sing themselves to ye, don't they? it wasn't the chyce o' words, and I reckon they allus hit the idee in the centre shot every time, it wasn't the idees and moral she sort o' drew out o' what she was tellin', but it was the straight thing itself, the truth!" "The truth?" repeated the editor. "Yes, sir. I've bin there.

As he drew near, M. de Villars regarded him with growing astonishment; for he could not believe that in the young man, or rather boy, before him he saw the terrible Cevenol chief, whose name alone made the bravest soldiers tremble.

"Canaris," he muttered in a low voice, but the word stuck in his throat and died away in a whisper. The sound, slight as it was, drew Bildad's attention. A glance at Guy's frightened countenance told him his horrible design was discovered. His thick lips parted in a glare of ferocious hatred the blind fury of a madman.