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Ashford was at that time entirely preoccupied with his men around a ledge of rock and bushes some yards from the coach, yet not so far away but that she could hear what they said. "I'll swear there was no dead Injin here when we came yesterday! We searched the whole place by daylight, too for any sign. The Injin was killed in his tracks by some one last night.

He was familiar with the country and undertook the night ride without hesitation. That night a strong guard was kept around the camp, and daylight came without incident worthy of mention. It was then decided to circle the canyon into which we had driven the Indians on the previous day.

Would she come to-night? Surely yes, for the broom bushes grew close to the path to Garthowen, and over that path she was constantly passing and repassing, whether in daylight or starlight or moonlight. "'Tis very quiet here," he thought. "It makes me think of a night watch at sea." The sea heaved gently down below, the waves breaking softly and regularly on the beach.

How those notes floated and trembled in the air, as grey daylight was gently stealing up, and how good the brown earth smelt! I almost forget the other kind of trumpet that cruel Chinese trumpet which only shrieks and roars.

After the canoes were gone, they spent practically all the daylight in the water, swimming or wading and towing or pushing the mattresses. The water was very cold but they were obliged to work so hard that they scarcely felt the chill until they made camp at night.

Ill and frightened, she lay turning into every posture of defiance and weakness and irresolution, until the daylight was fully come; and then Gaga's voice called feebly from the next room, and she must rise to tend him with something of the guilt of a murderess oppressing her and causing her during the whole talk to keep her face turned away.

But in the winter the frost and snow made good traveling everywhere, and hence the winter was the time for the farmer to do his teaming. One of the first things that claimed attention when the sleighing began, and before the snow got deep in the woods, was to get out the year's supply of fuel. The men set out for the bush before it was fairly daylight, and commenced chopping.

It stopped raining toward morning, but it was still chilly and damp when we started, shortly after daylight, on our long journey. "Sam" and "Alex" again got separated from us in pursuit of deer, and I became so chilly that we gave up waiting for them to rejoin us, and moved on.

At that moment the parson interrupted his narrative, by observing: "Well, I'd no idea that I had talked so long; why, man, look to the east, 'tis almost daylight." And sure enough the horizon of the prairie was skirted with that red tinge which always announces the break of day in these immense level solitudes.

The ground was broken and irregular. The weary soldiers stumbled as they marched. Daylight came and revealed the column still looking for its objective, the fiery General walking in front and leading his horse behind him. It was evident that his plans had miscarried, but his energetic and hardy temperament would not permit him to turn back without a blow being struck.