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Night and day I will watch and tend you, till the assiduities of my affection weary out the effects of your cruel disease brought on you O God! by your grief for me, your worthless Espras." And she buried her head in the bosom of the sick man, and sobbed intensely.

Perhaps a state of subjection for grown-up people does not tend to make them reasonable, especially in their indignations.

A singular mixture of love and fear attended upon his early remembrances as they were connected with her; and the fear that she might desire to resume the same absolute control over his motions a fear which her conduct of yesterday did not tend much to dissipate weighed heavily against the joy of this second meeting.

Thus while the mute creation downward bend Their sight, and to their earthly mother tend, Man looks aloft, and with erected eyes Beholds his own hereditary skies. The poet now describes the Ages, or various epochs in the civilization of the human race. The first is the Golden Age, a period of patriarchal simplicity, when Earth yielded her fruits spontaneously, and spring was eternal.

The consequence will be, that the language in question will tend to lose its nationalitythat is, its distinctive character; it will cease to be idiomatic in the sense in which it once was so; and whatever grace or propriety it may retain, it will be comparatively tame and spiritless; or, on the other hand, it will be corrupted by the admixture of foreign elements.

And here the words productive and unproductive have been affected with additional ambiguities, corresponding to the different extension which different writers have given to the term wealth. Some have given the name of wealth to all things which tend to the use or enjoyment of mankind, and which possess exchangeable value.

My ol' man he wo'ks on the railroad section and we just pay Mistah Tho'nton foh dollahs every month. My chil'n wo'k in the ga'den and tend that acah patch o' co'n." "Do you fertilize the corn?" "Yes, Suh. We can't grow nothin' heah without fe'tilizah. We got two hundred pounds fo' three dollahs last spring and planted it with the co'n." As Percy turned in at Mr.

If Judas go forth to-night, it is towards Judas his steps will tend, nor will chance for betrayal be lacking; but let Socrates open his door, he shall find Socrates asleep on the threshold before him, and there will be occasion for wisdom. Our adventures hover around us like bees round the hive when preparing to swarm.

It was not until we proceeded en vainqueur that we knew anything like tranquillity on the Darling; and I am now of opinion that to discourage at once the approach of such natives would tend more to the safety of an exploring party than presenting them with gifts.

Nevertheless those bonds must continue in the world till the decease of one of the parties, n. 276. In cases of matrimony, in which the internal affections do not conjoin, there are external affections, which assume a semblance of the internal, and tend to consociate, n. 277. Thence come apparent love, friendship, and favor between married partners, n. 278.