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"But why was the cashier of the Metropolis Trust Company," he looked questioningly at Clymer whom he knew quite well by sight, "and a social high-light, decked out in these clothes and a wig, too?" leaning down, the better to examine the clothing on the dead man. "He had just been held for the Grand Jury on a charge of house-breaking," volunteered the deputy marshal.

Presently, Lord Colambre's attention was roused again, by seeing a man running, as if for his life, across a bog, near the roadside: he leaped over the ditch, and was upon the road in an instant. He seemed startled at first, at the sight of the carriage; but, looking at the postilion, Larry nodded, and he smiled and said, "All's safe!"

I am a diplomat, but nobody would guess it at first sight. To talk to a man as I talked to him, and to threaten! He said I was young; I was, but I grow older every day. And the wise word now is, don't imitate the bull of the trestle," as he recalled an American cartoon which at that day was having vogue in the American colony in Vienna.

The king, indeed, remained under the cloud of mental derangement which darkened the last ten years of his life, and the Princess of Wales, who had been the object of so much scandal, was now out of sight and residing abroad.

He would see what telling her the truth would do the truth that he wanted the sight of her more than just a lingering on. He sat down at his old bureau and took a pen. But he could not write. There was something revolting in having to plead like this; plead that she should warm his eyes with her beauty. It was tantamount to confessing dotage. He simply could not.

The waxers and gilders of images gave tone and texture to the statue, and the world, when it saw it, worshipped and was dumb. He poured the glowing bronze into the mould of sand, and the river of red metal cooled into noble curves and took the impress of the body of a god. With enamel or polished jewels he gave sight to the sightless eyes. The hyacinth-like curls grew crisp beneath his graver.

It was Marjorie and her little brother, and the small Jack put his little fat hand into that of big Jack, and led him triumphantly away. It was a pretty sight to see that congregation gathering on the village green.

When the ambulance had rolled out of sight, the Lloyd employés entered the factory, and the hum of machinery began. Fanny and Andrew stood together before the factory after Ellen had entered. Andrew had started when he had seen his wife. "You here?" he said. "I rather guess I'm here," returned Fanny.

Bowring, reassuringly, for the sake of saying something. "They'll hate the sight of me in a week!" said Lady Johnstone. "I mean to go everywhere, while I'm here up all the hills, and down all the valleys. I always see everything when I come to a new place. It's pleasant to sit still afterwards, and feel that you've done it all, don't you know?

Cherry had spent two long hours waiting only for the sight of that eager, limping, straight- shouldered form, and Peter had experienced enough anguish as he sped to find her to tear the last deception away. To-night they talked as lovers, his arm about the soft little clinging figure, her small, firm fingers tight in his own.