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Carol stayed with him after that, sitting very quietly, speaking softly, in the subdued way that had developed from her youthful buoyance, always quick to smile reassuringly and adoringly when he looked at her, always ready to look hopefully to the sunny slopes when his finger pointed.

Condon, thanks to her mouth, was reassuringly imminent. She was, too, friendly; she talked to women in her not overfrequent opportunities in a rapid warm inaccurate confession of almost everything they desired to hear. The women, of course, were continually hampered by the unfortunate fact that the questions nearest their hearts, or curiosity, were entirely inadmissible.

And don't worry about my making the station," he added, reassuringly. "I have the directions, and I'll get there in time to make that ten-thirty eastbound to-night." He clambered painfully up into the saddle. A third member of the group, the round-faced and smiling cowpuncher, opened up with his pleasing drawl. "Why'n't you stay over till mornin', then?" he demanded.

"Massy on us!" exclaimed an old lady on the back seat, suddenly flinging her arms round young Morton's neck, in the height of her consternation. "All right, marm," said Ajax reassuringly, after a brief but successful conflict with the horses. "We sha'n't go over this time. I should like to give that little black imp a good shaking."

'It's no good worrying about that dear: besides, I can wear this old coat that I have no now, over the other. 'And if you wrap your old shoes in some paper, and take them with you, you can take off your wet boots as soon as you get to the place. 'Yes, all right, responded Owen. 'Besides, he added, reassuringly, 'even if I do get a little wet, we always have a fire there, you know.

For now, in those wide-open eyes, I read absolute horror. "Miss Beverley," I said, grasping her hand reassuringly, "you alarm me. What has made you so nervous to-night?" "To-night!" she echoed, "to-night? It is every night. If you had not come " she corrected herself "if someone had not come, I don't think I could have stayed. I am sure I could not have stayed."

Finally he was close enough to see the placid look of benevolence with which his cow was regarding him and success seemed about to reward his efforts. The horse, too, had half closed its eyes by the time he was ready for his coup, as if it had lost all interest in eluding him. "Nice horsey! Good bossy!" Wallie murmured, reassuringly.

"There will be so much for me to tell mother," she thought, a little uneasily, hoping that soon she would again have no secrets to conceal. When Faith came down-stairs she found Esther waiting to see her; and, in response to Faith's questioning look, she nodded and smiled reassuringly.

After receiving a handsome fee the doctor gave him some liniment which caused exquisite pain: the patient writhed in agony. "That's good medicine," I heard Achmet telling him, reassuringly; "that's strong. See how it hurts!"

If that continued Mr. Hark! was not that the sound of a bell the bell on the horse that she herself had harnessed? She jumped up, startled. Surely he would not turn back on account of the storm without effecting his purpose? She pressed both hands against her throbbing heart and listened. Then she smiled reassuringly. Ah, that was no bell outside, that was here here, in both ears!