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And they grew worn and pale, some through the want of rest, and others from fear of the things they saw on the cindery plains of Hell. Then the magician of the village went up into the tower of his house, and all night long those whom fear kept awake could see his window high up in the night glowing softly alone.

It was terribly like death; so like, that more than once he laid his hand softly on the bed-covering to make sure that she still breathed. When he could bear it no longer, he crossed the room to the western window, drawing the draperies and standing between them to stare miserably out into the calm, starlit void.

Not The Engineering Times of April in the previous year or a Punch of the previous decade, and The Vaccination Record; but such things as the current Tatler, Times, Economist, and La Vie Parisienne. Mr. Prohack had uncomfortable qualms of apprehension. For several minutes past he had been thinking: "Suppose there is something up with that will!" He had little confidence in Mr. Softly Bishop.

"It's right, Phronsie dear; I'd do it if I were you," he said in a low voice. "Do you want it, Grandpapa?" asked Phronsie softly. "I do, child; but not unless you are willing" "Then I do," declared Phronsie, sitting quite straight on his knee. And she gave a relieved sigh. "Oh, Grandpapa, if we only had the poor children now!" she exclaimed, dreadfully excited. "Come, then." Old Mr.

Even while perplexed over these problems, and while charmed by that appealing face with the softly parted lips, by the figure that stirred in the rhythm of slumber, other thoughts, other objects weighed upon him the two dead men, the dead horse just outside. One of those men might be Red Kimball; other bodies might lie there which he had failed to discover.

Yes, I've been feeling wretched for several days; I've done hardly anything no shopping, no sight-seeing, and I ought to be back in London to-morrow; but I suppose I'll have to stay in bed for a week; it's very tiresome. She spoke wearily, yet in decisive little sentences, and her voice, its hardness and its liquid intonations, made Althea think of wet pebbles softly shaken together.

"I suppose it is a part of this horrid training. I would never have mentioned that foot-race if I had dreamed it would be like this." Here at least was a soul that sympathized. "The only hardship is not to see you," he declared softly. Miss Blake dropped her eyes. "I thought you might like to go walking; it's a gorgeous morning.

"Nobody is coming," whispered Käte quite softly, and there was an expression of fear and at the same time trembling exultation in her voice. "Its mother does not trouble who knows where the woman is? I wonder if she's coming?" She looked round searchingly, turned her head in all directions, and then stooped over the child again with a sigh of contentment.

"And thus would end for ever my mistakes and follies, . ." he answered softly.. "And I should perchance discover the small hidden secret of things the little, simple unguessed clue, that would unravel the mystery and meaning of Existence!

When the country is fairly well settled and business justifies, we will put in a new intake. In the meantime those structures will have to do. The K. B. L. and I. is not in business for glory, you know." Abe spoke softly from a cloud of smoke. "And are you explaining this situation to the people who are coming here by the hundreds to settle?