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"So tiresome of Margaret to force one to behave in this absurd manner!" reflected Lady Caroline. "So completely out of date in modern days!" Two or three days after Margaret's visit to Gwynne Street, Janetta availed herself of Mrs. Colwyn's temporary absence in Miss Burroughs' company to pay a visit to the Red House.

"It is very flattering, but very tiresome; and to my French ears their 'Bis! Bis! sounds too much like a hiss." "Will she renew her engagement, think you?" inquired Mr. King. "I don't know certainly," replied Madame. "The manager makes very liberal offers; but she hesitates. She seldom alludes to Mr.

Let Kristian go with you and let him carry your bundle as far as he goes. It'll be a tiresome way for you. I'm sorry I can't go with you!" "Oh, I shall be all right," said Ditte, trying to speak cheerfully, but her voice broke, and suddenly she threw her arms round him. Lars Peter stayed beside her until she had fallen asleep, then went up to bed himself.

"Just one week later," said I. There was a long pause. "Well, you'll take me to the theater?" asked Dolly, with something which, if I were so disposed, I might consider a sigh. "I've seen the piece twice," said I. "How tiresome of you! You've seen everything twice." "I've seen some things much oftener," I observed. "I'll get a nice girl for you to talk to, and I'll have a young man."

No; return was impossible quite impossible, and the knowledge was forced upon him more and more that he had to make up his mind to pass the night where he was, for to stir meant to go plunge into some bog, perhaps one so deep that his escape with life might be doubtful. "How stupid I was!" mused Dick. "How hungry I am!" he said aloud. "What a tiresome job!"

If all this had happened, their story would have little interest except for themselves, or as an example to young couples; and it is a deplorable fact that there is hardly anything so dull and tiresome in the world as a good example.

Nothing could have been more trite or obvious, and he felt his intellectual poverty so keenly that he might almost have believed his discomfort a sympathy for the girl who had drowned herself last Saturday. But of course, this could not be, for he had but lately been thinking what a very tiresome figure to the imagination the Fallen Woman had become.

In this trying emergency an idea occurred to me an inestimable idea which, so to speak, killed two intrusive birds with one stone. I determined to get rid of the Count's tiresome eloquence, and of Lady Glyde's tiresome troubles, by complying with this odious foreigner's request, and writing the letter at once.

She turned to the letter again, holding it very near to her eyes, and made a wry face of impatience. Then she held the sheet out to Mr. Riddle. "A pretty piece of news," she said languidly. "Read it, Harry." The gentleman seized her hand instead. The lady glanced at the clergyman, whose back was turned, and shook her head. "How tiresome you are!" she said. "What's happened?" asked Mr.

It is in her eyes, in her voice, in the very atmosphere about her, and she is wonderfully beautiful. She isn't the spider, she does not spin a net, but she looks at the mouse out of great, soft eyes, and he comes nearer, nearer, and she plays with him, until he is dull and maimed and tiresome, when she gently pushes him away, and is done with him." Violet shivers. How strange that Mr.