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The Hindu king depended on this supply to a large extent. The result of this was a terrible massacre, in which 10,000 Musulmans lost their lives. The survivors fled and settled themselves at Goa, thus founding the city that afterwards became the capital of Portuguese India. Nuniz alludes to the loss of "Goa, Chaull, and Dabull" by Vijayanagar in the reign of "Verupaca."

And, folding the paper, with the passage which concerned him uppermost, he handed it to the secretary. Fremin glanced at the article. "Yes, I have seen this paragraph," he said; "but I am entirely ignorant to whom it alludes. I am not even certain that it is not a fabrication, invented out of whole cloth." "Ah!" said Zilah. "The author of the article would know, I suppose?"

In the vegetable kingdom Mr. Mivart only alludes to two cases, namely the structure of the flowers of orchids, and the movements of climbing plants.

If Gibbon could revisit the ancient seat of learning of which he has written so cavalierly, assuredly he would no longer speak of "the monks of Oxford sunk in prejudice and port." There, as elsewhere, port has gone out of fashion, and so has prejudice at least that particular fine, old, crusted sort of prejudice to which the great historian alludes.

Paul scarcely alludes to the material wonders of the cities he visited, even as Luther was insensible to the ornaments of Italy in his absorbing desire for the spiritual and moral welfare of society. Art is purely the creation of man.

In a letter to his uncle, the former gratefully alludes to this generosity: "Oh, if you knew the exultation of heart, aye, and of head to, I feel at being free from those depressing embarrassments, you would, as I do, bless my dearest friend and brother, Byron." The whole transaction is a pleasing record of a benefit that was neither sooner nor later resented by the receiver.

"Did you ever hear of William Lleyn?" said the old gentleman. "Yes," said I; "he was a pupil of Hiraethog, and wrote an elegy on his death, in which he alludes to Gruffydd's skill in an old Welsh metre, called the Cross Consonancy, in the following manner: "In Eden's grove from Adam's mouth Upsprang a muse of noble growth; So from thy grave, O poet wise, Cross Consonancy's boughs shall rise."

Then he returned to the Peters' story, saying: "It only remains for me properly to dispose of Pym and Peters. Peters knows no more in fact, not as much of Pym after he returned home, as do we. Poe, we know, in the note to his 'Narrative, alludes to 'the late sudden and distressing death of Mr.

I should like to take some one family to study thoroughly, principally with a view to the theory of the origin of species. By that means I am strongly of opinion that some definite results might be arrived at." And he further alludes to "my favourite subject the variations, arrangements, distribution, etc., of species."

Latimer alludes to it in one of his sermons. Bedyll to Cromwell: State Papers, Vol. I. p. 424. Cranmer: but we will hope the story is coloured. It is characteristic, however, of the mild, tender-hearted man who desired to glide round difficulties rather than scale and conquer them. A Deposition concerning the popish Conduct of a Priest: Rolls House MS.

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