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After a residence of two years in Lisbon he departed for India in the suite of the Archbishop of Goa, and remained in the East for nearly thirteen years.

Twenty-four hours later the captain returned, with orders for the ship to sail up the river; and that, on their arrival, the young Englishmen were to be landed and conducted to the presence of the viceroy himself. The young adventurers, much as they had traveled, were greatly struck with the appearance of Goa.

"We'll goa oopstairs now." He took her back and out through the kitchen and up the stone stairs that turned sharply in their narrow place in the wall. He opened the door at the head of the landing. "This would bae our room. 'Tis t' best." He took her into the room where John Greatorex had died. It was the marriage chamber, the birth-chamber, and the death-chamber of all the Greatorexes.

Similar skulls are also said to be found at the Visita Paniniman, and on a small island close to the Visita Guialo. They are made of bamboo. The fruit of the wild pili is unfit for food. 17.375 Cent. or 63 Far. 15.6 Cent. or 60 Far. Sor Inspector por S. M. Nosotros dos Capnes actuales de Rancherias de Lalud y Uacloy comprension del pueblo de Goa prov. a de Camarines Sur.

At first he treated them with much kindness, after which he grew cold towards them, but on making him a considerable present he became friendly, and even delivered to them his eldest son to be carried to Goa, desiring that the two Jesuits and four other Portuguese might be left as hostages, to whom he offered the island of Santa Cruz to live in.

On the tract behind Maguiring I counted, in three-quarters of an hour, five considerable estuaries, that is to say, above twenty feet broad; and then, as far as Goa, twenty-six more; altogether, thirty-one: but there are more, as I did not include the smallest; and yet the distance between Maguiring and Goa, in a straight line, does not exceed three miles.

"And the Lord knaws I'd goa wi you myself, sir" said the fine-featured old man, a touch of trouble in his blue eyes "for I feel soomhow as though there were a bit o' my fault in it. But we've had a heavy job on t' fells awready, an I should be noa good to you."

In the mean time, all the Portuguese vessels, excepting only the Santa Cruz, which had not yet her whole lading, set sail from Sancian for the Indies. Xavier gave many letters to the merchants, to be delivered both at Malacca and at Goa. He wrote to his friend James Pereyra, in terms which were full of acknowledgment and charity.

"But, commandant, are you not afraid to trust her at Goa, where there are so many enticements for a woman, so many allurements held out for her sex?" "No, not in the least I am convinced that she loves me nay, between ourselves, that she doats upon me." "Liar!" exclaimed Philip. "How, signor! is that addressed to me?" cried the commandant, seizing his sword, which lay on the table.

The event would show; but this is certain, he now treated her as an old friend: listened with interest to her history of the wreck, and agreed with her upon the propriety of her accompanying him to Goa. In a few days the vessel sailed, and Amine quitted the Factory and its enamoured Commandant.