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"For God's sake, come in," Strong said, seizing his acquaintance's arm. "Send for a cab, James, if you please," he added in an under voice to that domestic; and carrying the excited gentleman out of the street, the outer door was closed upon him, and the small crowd began to move away. Mr.

The crew stirred uneasily, looking at each other for approval of the conversion each had experienced. Radway, seizing the psychological moment, turned easily toward the blaze. "Better turn in, boys, and get some sleep," he said. "We've got a hard day to-morrow." He stooped to light his pipe at the fire.

And facing about he pointed to where a cloud of dust behind him on the desert road indicated a rapidly oncoming car. "Grab that crank," cried Frank to Remedios, and he sprang for the driving wheel. "I'll make this old bus go." "Not so fast, Senor," said Remedios suavely, and seizing Frank's arm he whirled the young fellow about.

Application: Get an easy position when you sleep, if you have any choice between angels and gorgons. At midnight, seizing a chair, I ran into the next room, resolving to kill, at the first stroke, the ruffian who was murdering a member of my household. But there was no ruffian. The sweet girl had, during the day, been reading of St.

"What! my pistols," cried Bertram, seizing his weapons with as much delight as if they had been really serviceable. "Hah! ver' goot for play vid," observed Gibault contemptuously. "I say, here's something else," said Bounce, picking up a rifle. "Wah!" exclaimed Hawkswing, pointing to the weapon in surprise, and turning his eyes on Redhand. "Wot! d'ye know who it b'long'd to?" inquired Bounce.

The Sheriff drew rein quickly. "Now fellow," quoth he, "I would I were well out of this forest, for I care not to see such herds as these, or such faces as yours. Choose your own way, therefore, whoever you be, and let me go mine." "Nay," laughed Robin, seizing the Sheriff's bridle, "I have been at too much pains to cultivate your company to forego it now so easily.

Others seizing such with great force hurled them to the ground with violence. Many elephants, struck by foot-soldiers availing of the proper opportunities, uttered terrible cries of pain and fled away on all sides. Among the foot-soldiers that fled away in that great battle throwing down their ornaments, there were many that were quickly encompassed on the field.

When he had long enough jeered at and taunted his victim, he threw open the door of the cage. But this time he met his match. The brave Schippeitaro sprang upon him, and seizing him with his teeth, held him fast, while the young warrior with one stroke of his good sword laid the monster dead at his feet.

The worst, however, was that, by seizing Ardenay, the enemy drove as it were a wedge between the French forces, hampering their concentration. Meantime, the 9th German Corps marched to Bouloire, which became Prince Frederick Charles's headquarters.

He placed his hands violently against his ears. “Stop!” he said, “no more. I will not betray them; no: I need not betray them;” he laughed; “the black moor does the work himself. Look,” he cried, seizing the priest’s arm, and pointing to a part of the forest, which happened to be to windward. “You are in their number, priest, who can foretell the destinies of others, and are blind to their own.