"Fear, you see, is the inevitable janitor, but it is not the ruler of experience. That is what I am driving at in all this. The bark of danger is worse than its bite. Inside the portals there may be events and destruction, but terror stays defeated at the door. It may be that when that old man was killed by a horse the child who watched suffered more than he did.... "I am sure that was so...."

She did not ask if she might do so, but flung open the sash, leaned far out, and waved her handkerchief to the vice-palatine, who was driving swiftly across the causeway. When Herr Bernat Görömbölyi, in his character of emissary, arrived at the manor, he proceeded at once to state his errand: "My lovely sister Katinka, I am come a-wooing as this nosegay on my breast indicates.

"So your thoughts were gloomy; well, I don't wonder at it. There are gloomy things happening. I was out driving, and thought I would look in at Mosquito Reach. It has been razed to the ground." "You have been to see and help young Orr's mother and sister? I know it.

Roy was sitting on the edge of the car with his legs hanging out, rifle in hand, ready to swing to the ground as soon as the car halted. Mr. Coltman, who was driving, had already thrown on the brakes, but Roy, thinking in his excitement that he had stopped, jumped and jumped too soon. The speed at which we were going threw him violently to the ground.

Four of the ships ran foul of each other, and Winter, driving into their centre, found himself within musket-shot of many of their most formidable' ships.

"I have looked at this matter in every face that becomes me, Gaetano, and though I would not rudely repulse one that hath saved my life, by driving him from my company, at a moment when even strangers consort for mutual aid and protection, at Turin we must part for ever!" "I know not how to approve, nor yet how to blame thee, poor Melchior!

The inspiration vibrated in her brain. Why not repeat the successful forgery? He would miss five thousand as little as five. She wrote "five," in letters, and lower down filled in the numeral, putting it very near the dollar-sign. "Father, you are driving me to desperation. It's your fault if " "Give me the pen give me the pen," he snarled.

He got into the coach which was driving from London instead of that which was driving to London, and he would have been carried rapidly to Oxford, had not his man Terence, after they had proceeded a mile and a half on the wrong road, put his head down from the top of the coach, crying, as he looked in at the window, "Master, Sir John Bull, are you there?

It contained three coffins, "two white and one blue. One white coffin was bigger than the other; and the blue was the biggest of the three." The driver took out the bigger white coffin and left it at the mother's feet, driving off with the others. Mrs. Jones told her dream to her husband and to a neighbour, laying particular stress on the curious circumstance that one of the coffins was blue.

I had indeed gradually formed, from reading, a vague conception of a different kind of world, a world of light, where dwelt men who wrote books and people who knew the men who wrote books, where lived boys who went to college and devoted themselves to learning, instead of driving oxen. I longed much to get into this world, but no possibility of doing so presented itself.