Only I just happened to say that papa always read everything he could by those two men and then" she flushed "Well, I don't exactly remember what Mr. Lavery said. But I know that when he'd said it I wouldn't have given up either of those books for the world!" "I hope, Miss Mallory, you won't think of giving them up," said Hugh, with vigor. "It will be an excellent thing for Lavery." Mrs.

The little boys of six came with knapsacks strapped to their backs for their books and dinners, instead of satchels. At the tap of a bell they formed themselves into column and marched like little veterans to the schoolroom door. I visited a school for boys of thirteen or fourteen.

"Well, he's got a real good face," said Eliza Marshall. "And a real good-looking face, too," rejoined his mother, quickly. "Jane, dear, run up to my room and get the one before this that's something like; second drawer on the left. And stop eying those books; you can't get at them with anything less than a cold-chisel! "But why should you depend on pictures?" Mrs. Bates observed, presently.

"But we haven't time to do any writing," the guest replied. "That is why our books amount to so little for the most part. The active men, who are really to be depended upon as practitioners, are kept so busy that they are too tired to use the separate gift for writing, even if they possess it, which many do not.

A youth who had plowed seventy acres of land could not reasonably be expected to dress like a child. How smooth and delightfully stiff they felt on my feet. Then came our new books, a McGuffey reader, a Mitchell geography, a Ray's arithmetic, and a slate. The books had a delightful new smell also, and there was singular charm in the smooth surface of the unmarked slates.

They entered upon their self-appointed task with a fine fervor, but, as Miss Benham had suggested, with no other qualifications in particular. Ste. He argued that this was the way it happened in books, and that surely people didn't write books about things of which they were ignorant. Hartley, on the other hand, preferred the newer, or scientific, methods.

Leonards, should lecture on Plato. And he made a present of a number of Greek books, still carefully preserved, to Glasgow University, though why he should have chosen to send them there, instead of to his own smaller and poorer University, we have nothing to show. It is thus apparent that in his active public work Buchanan's chief attention was given to his own proper subjects.

If the secret history of books could be written, and the author's private thoughts and meanings noted down alongside of his story, how many insipid volumes would become interesting, and dull tales excite the reader! Many a bitter smile passed over Pen's face as he read his novel, and recalled the time and feelings which gave it birth.

But I guess there's a good many things you can't learn out of books, and I guess you could show the city boys a good many things they don't know, and never will know." For the first time he looked her straight in the face. His dark eyes met her grey ones, and demanded truth. "Irene," he said, "do you mean that?" "Sure I do," she answered.

In some villages where the people were without money, they received Testaments in return for refreshing the missionaries. "Is this right?" Borrow enquires of Mr Brandram. The village priests frequently proved of considerable assistance; for when they pronounced the books good, as they sometimes did, the sale became extremely brisk. After an absence of eight days, Borrow returned to Madrid.