Astyages laughed at this simplicity, and told Cyrus that he might, if he preferred it, live on plain bread and meat while he remained in Media, and then he would return to Persia in as good health as he came.

The thought that they might meet again in the small apartment of the Rue Spontini was so painful to her that she discarded it at once. She preferred to think that an unforeseen event would prevent their meeting again the end of the world, for example.

Whatever others did, I sat up with myself and kept awake. I saw the "pennies" used instead of the "quarters" which I should have preferred. I saw myself "laid out," a phrase that has come to have such a slang meaning that I smile as I write it. When the body was put into the coffin, I took my place on the lid. I cannot recall all the details, and they are commonplace besides.

The jury were empannelled, the counts of the indictment read over, and the trial commenced, and, as the indictment was preferred, the judge caught the date of the supposed offence. "What is the date?" said the judge; "the year, I mean?" Upon the reply of the clerk, his lordship observed, "Eight years ago!" and then looking at the prisoner, added, "Why, he must have been a child."

"If I may, I will go with you," said Ned; "perhaps Uncle Pack would like to come also." The lieutenant, for whom they waited, however, preferred going home, and Miss Sally, giving her basket to Ned, returned with him, allowing her nephew to accompany Mary. "Just leave the pudding and jelly with the old man, and if he does not appear inclined to talk do not stop," said Miss Sally.

"The Bishop has asked me," said Michael faintly, "to spend a week or two with him whenever I like. I believe it's very quiet there." "The Bishop!" said Wentworth. "It would be far from quiet at the Palace. Worse than an hotel. The Bishop lives in a perpetual turmoil." Then he suddenly stopped short, and became very red. Michael preferred the Bishop to himself. "It's a good idea," said the doctor.

The girls who could not skirt-dance yawned behind their fans gauze preferred, because the Fitzmannerings could see through gauze if they could not see through anything else.

Klaus Van Aken, or as he preferred to be called, Nicolaus Aquanus, was a singular man, who had received good gifts from more than one of the Olympians; for besides his business he zealously devoted himself to science and several of the arts.

He lived a short distance in the country, he said, and took her to a hotel to stay till next day, when they would take the cars for his home. The hotel was an elegant one; the room given her was hung with silk and lace; but she preferred the hard floor of the station-house, that night, to its luxurious state for her 'protector' was a wolf in sheep's clothing."

"Yes; he was at the colonel's; he stated that he could not remain in the regiment if his mother continued with his father; that he should never be able after what had happened to treat his mother with common courtesy, still less with the duty of a son, and therefore he preferred leaving the regiment." "And my father, madame?"