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I mean, what are you waiting for?" "Mr. Jerrold again. There's no report from his company." "Have you sent to wake him?" "No; I'll go myself, and do it thoroughly, too." And the little major turned sharply away and walked direct to the low range of bachelor quarters, dove under the piazza, and into the green door-way.

In his new quarters he got better of his illness; and he dwelt there a considerable time, till in the following year he left Madras for England for good. The story is interesting, for it records the first occasion on which a Governor of Madras lived in a separate house outside the Fort.

To me, of course, child that I was, it only meant a sight never before witnessed, a something heard of, and seen in pictures, but never realized. But even we children felt in listening to our elders, that something great was about to happen. At last, one bright summer morning, while amusing myself on the piazza in the rear of the officers' quarters, there came a sound new and very strange!

After about an hour she found the Rue Sauvage, a sort of dark alley. She stopped at a door, so overcome that she could not move. He was there, in that house Poulet. She felt her knees and hands trembling; but at last she entered the door, and walking along a passage, saw the janitor's quarters.

‘Why,’ said the reverend gentleman, ‘if you had not felt it, it would have been a miracle, that is all.’ Yet that man was as popular as any parson in the district, perhaps more so, and it was with some indignation in certain quarters that the people learned that a new Bishop had come to Norwich, and that the parson had been deprived of his living for immoral conduct.

We may need a change of costume most any time." "All right. We'll load up, if we can find what we want." "I guess there won't be any trouble about that." The lad was right. Soon they had a large army plane at their disposal and had stocked it with all they thought they would need in the way of clothing and food. Then they returned to their own quarters. Hal glanced at his watch.

While this was going on, the shades of night had been falling fast, and John Potter remembered that none of the candles had been lit, and that in a few minutes more the rock would be a source of greater danger to shipping than if no lighthouse had been there, because vessels would be making for the light from all quarters of the world, in the full faith of its being kept up!

There would be little delay in the execution of the warrant. John Bunyan was a marked man and an old offender, who, on his arrest, would be immediately committed for trial. Once more, then, Bunyan became a prisoner, and that, there can be little doubt, in his old quarters in the Bedford gaol. Errors die hard, and those by whom they have been once accepted find it difficult to give them up.

She would be back again before the porridge was heated. But the little bowl has stood there probably three quarters of an hour, and we are still waiting in vain." Here he paused in his voluble flow of speech, and then burst forth angrily: "The devil may understand such a girl's soul!

When the time came to prepare the lights, Pao-yue had a couple of mouthfuls of soup to eat, but he felt so drowsy and heavy that he fell asleep. Presently, Chou Jui's wife, Wu Hsin-teng's wife and Cheng Hao-shih's wife, all of whom were old dames who frequently went to and fro, heard that Pao-yue had been flogged and they too hurried into his quarters. Hsi Jen promptly went out to greet them.