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Grantham we had passed and we were approaching Peterborough, the old fen town with the ancient cathedral. In French my friend the banker kept up a continuous chatter, even though I was tired and drowsy. He had told me much concerning himself, and I, in turn, told him of my profession and where I lived.

This being Sunday morning, Dutch House was decorously dull to the street; the doors to the bar closed, the lights within low and drowsy; even the side door, giving access to the "restaurant," was closed much of the time when, that is to say, it wasn't swinging to admit an intermittent flow of belated casuals and habitués of both sexes.

Walsingham rode out of the avenue, Lord Castlemallard was riding leisurely by towards Chapelizod, followed by his groom. His lordship, though he had a drowsy way with him, was esteemed rather an active man of business, being really, I'm afraid, only what is termed a fidget: and the fact is, his business would have been better done if he had looked after it himself a good deal less.

From outside came the lazy sounds of the drowsy summer morning the distant humming of a mowing machine, the drone of a reaper in the field beyond, the twittering of birds in the trees, even the soft lapping of the stream against the stone steps. The man whose hand he was holding seemed to Francis to have become somehow transformed.

While some cities with three hundred thousand inhabitants seem drowsy and "slow," another, like this of Frankfort, with not half that population, presents the aspect of much more life, activity, and volume of business. Here we have fine, cleanly streets, and stores almost Parisian in elegance and richness of display.

I had not yet fully recovered consciousness, when again I heard groans, mingled with half-stifled cries, as if from persons engaged in a deadly struggle. A cry more prolonged than the others and ending in a series of groans effectually roused me from my drowsy lethargy.

"They are certain, then!" soliloquized M. Dantès, as Debray quitted the salon. "I was sure I should know all before he left." Then, rejoining Mercédès, who was patiently awaiting him, they stepped into their carriage, as the drowsy tones of the watchman rose on the misty air, "Past four o'clock, and all is well!"

"The best way to make the thing sure," Gage went on, "is to get to work before some one comes prowling this way." "Who's going to prowl?" queried Josh. "The camp is asleep." "Reade is up; we know that," Dolph insisted. "Humph! We saw through the window that he's too drowsy to stir." "Don't be too sure," warned Gage. "He may be only a boy, but he's a sure terror, the way he finds out things!

He then gave him a shilling. We had tedious driving this afternoon, and were somewhat drowsy. Last night I was afraid Dr Johnson was beginning to faint in his resolution; for he said, 'If we must ride much, we shall not go; and there's an end on't. To-day, when he talked of Sky with spirit, I said, 'Why, sir, you seemed to me to despond yesterday.

A few minutes later Dominey threw himself upon his couch, curiously and unaccountably drowsy. Von Ragastein, who had come in to wish him good night, stood looking down at him for several moments with significant intentness.