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For some moments after it was removed he sat holding it in his hand and looking at the dark, blank surface, as a long-expected letter is sometimes held before the seal is broken and the contents devoured with impatient eagerness. At last his finger pressed the spring on which it had been resting, and he looked upon a young, sweet face, whose eyes gazed back into his with a living tenderness.

Every step was three feet up at a bound; and, really, a perpendicular hop-step-and-leap of this sort was no joke, move after move continuing as if for ever. I found that the Arabs did not work so smoothly as I expected, and that one seemed at a time to be holding back, while another was dragging me up; and this soon became very tiresome.

Guthrie, the President of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, detected that we were holding on to all his locomotives and cars, he wrote me, earnestly remonstrating against it, saying that he would not be able with diminished stock to bring forward the necessary stores from Louisville to Nashville.

There are one or two other things in life, you know I've hardly given you a chance to speak, and I've been holding forth like an unsuccessful detective reporting to his superior officer." And the conversation drifted into other channels. A great city is a wonderful place in a thousand ways, not the least of which is its magical influence upon human relationships.

Old Robin's heart dropped as the cry went up: "The countryman 's left. It 's yellow-jacket!" It was too far off for him to see clearly, but the laughter about him was enough. "That boy don't know how to ride. What did they put him in for?" they said. A minute later, however, the tone changed. The country boy was coming up, and was holding his horse in, too.

But if he went back it was also clear that he must go back with intentions more explicit than before, and now he had to ask himself just how much or how little he had meant by going there. His liking for Christine had certainly not increased, but the charm, on the other hand, of holding a leopardess in leash had not yet palled upon him.

And remember always, lad," he added with a smile, "that I am still but a learner in the art of war." So saying he nodded kindly to him and the sergeant, went out, returned the salute of the soldiers, mounted his horse, which his orderly was holding for him, and rode off.

While the intrepid spectators were still holding their breath, there was an ominous crash. "Did you say IN the barn or OVER the barn?" I asked, as we hurried on to find the damage. "We do play an exciting game, don't we?" said Myra. We got into the barn and found the ball and a little glass on the floor. "What a very small hole it made," said Myra, pointing to the broken pane. "What shall I do?"

When I had ended my words in this sort, behold, I weeped againe pitteously, and holding up my hands I prayed all the people by the mercy of the Commonweale and for the love of my poore infants and children, to shew me some pitty and favour.

Pluma Hurlhurst recoiled from the touch, fairly holding her breath, speechless with fury and astonishment. "You insolent creature!" she cried. "I wonder at your boldness in forcing your presence upon me. Did I not have you thrust from the house an hour ago, with the full understanding I would not see you, no matter who you were or whom you wanted."