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"The shock was too much for Madame... she was seized with convulsions, and became so dangerously ill that Lord Hollis wrote to the king, 'If things had gone ill at sea I really believe Madame would have died." Charles wrote: "I thanke God we have now the certayne newes of a very considerable victory over the Duch; you will see most of the particulars by the relation my Lord Hopis will shew you, though I have had as great a losse as 'tis possible in a good frinde, poore C. Barckely.

The souldiers say many of your officers maintaine their families out of that you sent us, and that Newport hath an hundred pounds a year for carrying newes. For every master you have yet sent can find the way as well as he, so that an hundred pounds might be spared, which is more than we have all, that helps to pay him wages. Cap. Ratliffe is now called Sicklemore, a poore counterfeited Imposture.

The ninth was the infant knight, who on his armour had ennameld a poore young infant, put into a shippe without tackling, masts, furniture, or any thing.

Poore painters oft with silly poets joyne, To fill the world with vain and strange conceits, One brings the stuff, the other stamps the coyne Which breeds nought else but glosses of deceits. Thus painters Cupid paint, thus poets doe A naked god, blind, young, with arrows two. Is he a god, that ever flyes the light? Or naked he, disguis'd in all untruth? If he be blind, how hitteth he so right?

He that prepares to dye rigges a goodly ship; he that is well prepard is ready to launch forth; he that prepares well & dyes well, arrives at a happy haven. Prepare to dye! preparation is the sauce, death the meate, my soule & body the guests; & to this feast will I goe, boldly as a man, humbly as a Christian, & bravely as an Englishman. Oh my Children, my Children! my poore Wife & Children!

So that the Company, reassured in some respects, the affrighted company, made them goe up to the toppe of the hill and there errect cottages some 40 paces from them; during the while I walked on the side where they weare hard at work and firmly believed that the poore hurron was killed by the Iroquoit out of malice, so much trust I putt in the traiterous words.

Starres are poore books, and oftentimes do misse; This book of starres lights to eternall blisse. The voyage across the Atlantic was not, in itself, at all notable. The first half of the passage was extremely unquiet, and most of the passengers uncomfortable to match.

Then he looked down at Greg and smiled a little sorry smile, and said very slowly and gently: "Ye be Three Poore Mariners." Jerry and I stared at each other, and I said: "You must know that song, too. We used to pretend being marooned, but we never thought it would really happen." Then Jerry said suddenly: "By the way, what's your name, sir?"

They threwed the corps immediately into the water and went the other side of the river into the abovesaid isle. Being landed together, the poore women went in a flock like sheep that sees the wolves ready to devour them. There were 8 hurron men that tooke theire armes.

That oo was not sounded like o long is certain from Webbe's saying, that, to make poore and doore rhyme with more, they must be written pore and dore. Mr. White says also that shrew was pronounced shrow, and cites as parallel cases sew and shew.

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