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General Somebody-Something, you know I never could remember names took him down dreadfully by calling him the most dangerously fascinating man in New York. And there you are, you know! It never fails, on my word!

She raised her eyes to heaven in thanksgiving. "He is not dead," said she, almost inaudibly. "Then you have read very carelessly," returned Barbesieur. "The letter says, 'so dangerously wounded that he was transported in a dying condition to Vienna," "Had he been dying, he would not have been transported to Vienna," exclaimed Laura, with a smile of returning hope. "No, no!

For a time no further hostile movement was made, and it began to look as though his efforts would win; but suddenly, with a concerted movement, the bows were swung upward, and arrows began to fall dangerously near. As no movement was made on the part of the Professor and his party, the savages mistook its meaning, and a charge was made. "Now deliberately pick your man and fire."

"You best hand it me straight, Beasley," he said. "Guess nothin' straight is a heap in your line. But jest for once you've got no corners to crawl around. Hand it out an' quick." Buck's manner was dangerously sharp set. There was a smouldering fire growing in his passionate eyes. Beasley hesitated. But his hesitation was only for the reason of his own growing heat.

The professor had been tying his cravat. He let the loose ends fly. "What?" he ejaculated, opening his mouth wide. Then they both rushed into Marjory's room. "Marjory!" beseeched the old man in a voice which would have invoked the grave. The answer was from the bed. "Yes?" It was low, weary, tearful. It was not like Marjory. It was dangerously the voice of a hcart-broken woman.

After some hesitation, and a struggle between pride and a sense of duty, he resolved to respond to the call, and at the same time learn, if possible, why he had been preferred to Dr. Jones, and why Dr. Jones had on other occasions been preferred to him. "The truth is, Dr. Harvey," said Mr. Miles, "we thought the child dangerously ill, and as Dr.

Some when dangerously ill are carried to the cacique, who gives orders whether they are to be strangled or not, and their orders are instantly obeyed.

One horse was so injured that it was necessary to destroy him; the other died a few days after. Perkes had been intoxicated; and, while driving at a full gallop round a corner, over went the carriages and horses. On my return to Newera Ellia, I found a letter informing me that the short-horn cow had halted at Amberpussé, thirty-seven miles from Colombo, dangerously ill.

In addition to the jacket, an apron of leather, extending from the waist almost to the knee, should be worn, covering both thighs, and saving the wearer from dangerously low hits. Some men wear a cricket pad on the right leg. This, I think, makes a man slow on his feet, and is besides unnecessary.

"The last I heard of him he was in San Francisco, lying dangerously ill," answered John coldly. "Oh, John!" "Mary, you must hope nothing from that man. Don't waste your sympathies on him, either; he'll never repay you the outgo." "Tell me just one thing, John: Was Charles ever false to me? Tell me the truth." "I think he kept good faith with you. It is not that I complain of in his conduct.