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The usage of all governments being to make their own preservation a matter of right, they regard those who attack them as enemies so long as they fight, as conspirators when they are defeated; and thus destroy them alike by means of war and of law. All these views at once guided the policy of the committee of public safety, a policy of vengeance, of terror, and of self-preservation.

The outer door was not so thick, had no window, but was left open from six o'clock every morning until eleven a necessary arrangement in that climate, unless it were intended to destroy life by suffocation.

It is not to be understood, in this tale, that the bull-frog is supposed to have merely drunk up the river. It is the river which has become incarnate in him. It is the ice of winter penetrated by the spear of the sun; that is, Glooskap. Thus, in another tale, a frozen river tries, as a man, to destroy the hero, but is melted by him.

We are in for what we can get; and this nation is the biggest nation on earth because all men are free to go in for all they can get. The sheep destroy the Range: and I'm cattle! You neither of you raise a hand to help the party; and I'm a plain party man; yes, I guess, Miss Eleanor I'm a spoilsman, all right; and you come asking favors of me. It isn't reasonable; but I'll tell you what I'll do.

The latter were endeavouring to destroy one of the bridges which span the Scheldt at this point, one for the railway and one for the road; but so far they had not succeeded in hitting either. It was a week since our last visit to Termonde, and it seemed even more desolate and forsaken than before.

But gathering up her self-control as best she could, she succeeded in replying: "I am so tired: let me have my sleep out." Her mother bent over her and kissed her several times. The child felt as though she would die while submitting to these caresses. This one hour, with its cruel enlightenment, sufficed to destroy Jeanne's joy in life for ever.

When the Spartans came into Attica, they found the farms and villages deserted; but from the top of the Acropolis the people could see the enemy burn down their empty dwellings and destroy the harvests in their fields.

The I am is one; and so long as we preserve this unity by conforming to the generic nature of the I am in the universal, it will certainly never destroy the unity by entering upon a specific course of action on its own account. Here, then, we find the secret of power.

If the remark mentioned by the candidate tallies with it, give him the money, and ask no further questions, for he is certainly the right man. Mr. Burgess there and then destroy the seals of the sack, open it, and see if the remark is correct: if correct, let the money be delivered, with my sincere gratitude, to my benefactor thus identified." Mrs.

Too many have foolishly desired to destroy this institution, in the vain hope of receiving some new largess, by a public decree, out of a distribution of the property of the nobility.