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So the soldiers came a week ago and slaughtered nearly all of us, and took such sheep and cattle as they could find, and with them many of the young folk, to be sold as slaves, so that the rest are left empty and desolate. Such are the things that chance in this unhappy land. But, woman, who are you?"

Let me call back to the desolate gardens the fair forms that are gone, and their soft voices blessing you will bring to your breast a never failing joy. Cast by your icy crown and sceptre, and let the sunlight of love fall softly on your heart.

THE ICE QUEEN. By ERNEST INGERSOLL, author of "Friends Worth Knowing," "Knocking Around the Rockies," etc. Illustrated; Cloth, 16mo., $1. Harper and Brothers, New York. A story for boys and girls of the adventures of a small party storm-bound in winter, on a desolate island in Lake Erie. By CHARLES NORDHOFF, author of "Politics for Young Americans," etc. 16mo., cloth, $1.

In some parts of this country we were obliged to cut nearly our whole day's march through underwood and ravines; and, in some places, such was the impossibility of ascent over many of the hills, that it took a whole day to cut a road so as to accomplish the next day's march through this wild and desolate country; but some of the views in the openings were truly splendid and beautiful.

"I can't say but what I do, ma'am," and with lofty courtesy, such as an admiral should use to his foe of equal rank, the master of the house signified that his guest might enter. When they were seated opposite each other in the desolate sitting-room he felt himself the weaker human being of the two.

Serene outwardly he would not let the vulgar see his scars and sores; and was one of those proud spirits who build to themselves desolate places. Little Puddock was the man with whom he had least reserve.

Relation of early adventures. Attempt to save Annawan's life. Tuspaquin. His exploits. Superstitious belief. Discovery of the Indians. Capture of Tuspaquin's relatives. Outrageous violation of faith. The heroic and unfortunate monarch of the Wampanoags was now indeed a fugitive, and almost utterly desolate.

Why was I left alone and so desolate in the world? Can it be that Mark has deceived me Mark Abrams, the only friend in the world that I implicitly trust? God only knows. I remember now, how he looked at my mother what mockery to call that woman mother! when I asked him if he would attend the tea-party.

There were afternoons when the sun streamed warmly into the room, when long icicles formed on the eaves, adding a touch of grace to the desolate building, moments when the jingling bells of passing wood-sleighs expressed the natural cheer and buoyancy of our youthful hearts. Chores and Almanacs

A few days before Minnie's visit was concluded, William brought out and placed in her hands a bunch of withered flowers; told his story of how, long years ago, her sweet sympathy had cheered his desolate heart and made him feel that there was still love in the world, then so dark to him; that her kind action had awakened in his almost paralyzed mind better thoughts, and let him know the only way to gain peace and happiness, and, finally, meet his mother, was in living on putting his trust and faith in God's goodness and mercy!