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She has her father's little fiddle, and when she was but a bare-footed lassie, she played on it wonderful." "I remember. You would have thought there was a linnet living inside of it." "Well, she wanted to have some lessons on it, and her husband was willing enough, but Madame went into hysterics about the idea of anything so vulgar.

I've got to be a gentleman, he says; but as for him, he wouldn't give up one of his vulgar habits to save anybody's soul. His trouble with Maria all came of her reproving him for drinking out of his saucer. Now, I don't mind that kind of thing so much, but Maria used to say she'd rather have him steal, any day, than gulp his coffee. Why are you laughing so?" "Oh, nothing.

Out of his opposition to the machine grew a dislike to its productions, which he denounced as vulgar; and not even their comparative cheapness and the fact that, when all was said, he was a man of limited means, would induce him to harbour a single volume that was so produced. Along the shelves she sought, and finally drew down four heavy tomes.

The old aristocracy must have accessions of vulgar blood and vulgar money to keep it alive, just as the language must be rejuvenated from time to time by slang from the streets. I made a tentative effort to present some such point of view to him as you suggested, but it didn't take.

"It is hard," said Miss Bruce, composedly; not that she entered into a hardship of this vulgar sort, but it was her nature to soothe and please people. "Hard!" cried Richard Bassett, encouraged by even this faint sympathy; "it would be unendurable but for one thing I shall have my own some day." "I am glad of that," said the lady; "but how?" "By outliving the wrongful heir."

But men don't learn it, somehow. Newman was incapable so are you. All the religions are nothing but so many vulgar anæsthetics, which only the few have courage to refuse. 'Do you want me to contradict you? said Robert, smiling; 'I am quite ready. The Squire took no notice.

For the Fairy Blackstick coming to call upon the Prince and Princess, who were actually sitting at the open drawing-room window, Gruffanuff not only denied them, but made the most ODIOUS VULGAR SIGN as he was going to slam the door in the Fairy's face! 'Git away, hold Blackstick! said he. 'I tell you, Master and Missis ain't at home to you; and he was, as we have said, GOING to slam the door.

Fentolin," he admitted. "You are not one of the vulgar herd who love to consort with pleasure and happiness. You are one of those who understand the beauty of unhappiness in others," he added, with faint emphasis. Mr. Fentolin smiled. His face became almost like the face of one of those angels of the great Italian master. "How well you know me!" he murmured.

But in the time of James reason and vulgar prejudice were on the same side.

For that reason, let a prince have the credit of conquering and holding his state, the means will always be considered honest, and he will be praised by everybody; because the vulgar are always taken by what a thing seems to be and by what comes of it; and in the world there are only the vulgar, for the few find a place there only when the many have no ground to rest on.