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Then, quite recovered from the intoxication into which she had been led by Rafael's passionate appeal, she began to speak calmly, composedly. No; what he asked was impossible. Her fate was ordained; she did not want love any more.... Friendship had carried them a bit astray. It was her fault, but she would find a way to remedy that. If she had known him years before perhaps!

"Anyway, it is well for you that it is not likely to be a bloody campaign, for you'll be headed straight away from Johannesburg, and I misdoubt me if Winburg holds a hospital." "Judging from my past records, it will have to found one, then," Carew answered composedly. "If I have to go through two hundred miles of the enemy's country, they might as well open up, in readiness for my coming.

She turned and upbraided him despairingly, alternately pleading and reproaching, battering all her slender forces uselessly against his inflexible determination. "This is a waste of time, Diane mine, anyway," he told her. And left her shaken with grief and anger. Driven by a sense of utter revolt, she stormed her way to Catherine, who was composedly sorting sheets in the linen room.

"We were a pair of stupid fools, and we are finely caught for our pains." "First statement correct," composedly; "don't agree with the last, however." "Why not?" "Does he know I am on deck?" "No." "Didn't inquire after me, or say anything about the documents?" "No special inquiries." "Well, then, where is the great danger?" "Where?" much astonished. "Yes, where?

"Everybody was there except you." "And Daisy? Were you there, Daisy?" "Certainly," Mrs. Sandford responded. "Everybody else could have been better missed." "I did not know you went there," said Preston, in something so like a growl that Mrs. Sandford lifted her eyes to look at him. "I do not wonder you are jealous," she said composedly. "Jealous!" said Preston, with growl the second.

You see Hendricks rides on as composedly as ever, so does Lionel, who perfectly understands what they are saying. They don't intend us any harm. However, I confess that it is possible their mood may change, and it would be as well not to do anything to offend them. Hendricks knows them better than most people, and will take care to keep them in good humour.

"Well," said the count, with unruffled eagerness, "and so you decline to go any further Sir Norman?" Hubert's eye was fixed with a warning glance upon him, and Sir Norman composedly answered "No, count; I do not absolutely decline; but before I do go any further, I should like to know by what right do you bring all these men here, and what are your intentions in so doing."

Little specks of sand, churned up in the momentary stampede of hoofs, fell upon her skirt. For the rest, she watched the struggle composedly, a struggle which was over almost as soon as it was begun. Captain Griffiths leaned down from his trembling but subdued horse. "Lady Cranston!" he exclaimed in astonishment. "That's me," she replied, smiling up at him.

How careful these busy men were to convey a certain impression of leisureliness! It will never do for a doctor to burst in upon his poor feverish patient, and throw everything into commotion. And see how composedly the lawyer listens to his client's tale! Wise men these; and I must not be too proud to learn from them. Great souls have ever been leisurely souls.

"But consider, sir," said Richie, composedly, "that a' your great friends hung back, and shunned to own you, or to advocate your petition; and then, though I am sure I wish Laurie a higher office, for your lordship's sake and for mine, and specially for his ain sake, being a friendly lad, yet your lordship must consider, that a scullion, if a yeoman of the king's most royal kitchen may be called a scullion, may weel rank with a master-cook elsewhere; being that king's cauff, as I said before, is better than "

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