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All through November and part of December, I and our Scotch overseer, Georgy Kyle, were busy as bees among the sheep. Shearers were very scarce, and the poor sheep got fearfully "tomahawked" by the new hands, who had been a very short time from the barracks.

"Good!" was her final comment; "very good! And now for my own part." She gathered in her apron the branches first selected, and carried them up to her own room, where she proceeded to strip off the leaves and to fashion them into long garlands. As her busy fingers worked, her thoughts flew hither and thither, bringing back the memories of the past few days.

He can spend a happy day in watching the busy affairs of a formicary, and to observe the progress of a bit of spider-web architecture gives him a peculiar joy. There are some severe and sour-complexioned theologians who would call this devotion to objects so far outside of his parish an illicit passion.

It offered him a new period of intercourse with his books. It opened a new world to him in the intricacies of European diplomacy. Above all, it allowed him once again to renew that spirit of fervent religious devotion, which always served as the background of his busy life.

The pasture grass was green and thick after the plentiful rains, and the busy cattle took little notice of us as they browsed steadily and tinkled their pleasant bells.

You can't leave me now " The telephone jangled. They heard the frightened voice of the secretary clear across the room. "Dr. Coffin? There was a student on the line just a moment ago. He he said he was coming up to see you. Now, he said, not later." "I'm busy," Coffin sputtered. "I can't see anyone. And I can't take any calls." "But he's already on his way up," the girl burst out.

The monk had been left on board of the leaky vessel; there was no accommodation in the schooner for him or the duenna, and Don Felix de Maxos de Cobas de Manilla d'Alfarez was too busy with his cigar to pay attention to his daughter. When they were landed, Edward Templemore was asked to their residence, which was not in the town, but at a lovely bay on the south side of the island.

She thought she bore an olive-branch of healing in the sound of her father's just spoken words: 'I do love her almost as if she were my own child. But Cynthia was locked into her room, and refused to open the' door. 'Open to me, please, pleaded Molly. 'I have something to say to you I want to see you do open! 'No! said Cynthia. 'Not now. I am busy. Leave me alone.

Her love affairs were nothing to him so he tried to persuade himself. He was now busy in tying up the manuscript in a sheet of paper and Lavinia was thinking hard. The question was, what was to become of her? She had no home, for she had made up her mind she would not go back to her mother and Miss Pinwell was equally impossible.

I am therfore writing on the stairs, as I can then hear him washing Silver in the pantrey. Mother has been very sweet to me this evening. I cannot record how I feel about the change. I used to feel that she loved me when she had time to do so, but that she had not much time, being busy with Bridge, Dinners, taking Leila out and Housekeeping, and so on. But now she has more time.