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If it had been fought five or ten years ago its cost would have been increased five-fold, so great has been the progress in this terrible art in the interval.

In complimenting a woman, called Joan, upon the tidy condition of her house, she answered, with that cruel humility that is so bad an element in their character, 'Missis no 'spect to find coloured folks' house clean as white folks. The mode in which they have learned to accept the idea of their own degradation and unalterable inferiority, is the most serious impediment that I see in the way of their progress, since assuredly, 'self-love is not so vile a sin as self-neglecting. In the same way yesterday, Abraham the cook, in speaking of his brother's theft at the rice island, said 'it was a shame even for a coloured man to do such things. I labour hard, whenever any such observation is made, to explain to them that the question is one of moral and mental culture, not the colour of an integument, and assure them, much to my own comfort, whatever it may be to theirs, that white people are as dirty and as dishonest as coloured folks, when they have suffered the same lack of decent training.

Surprise had failed, assault for the moment was impossible, the manner how best to confront the advancing foe the only question. Vere advised that the whole army should at once be concentrated and led without delay against the archduke before he should make further progress.

The normal condition of every species on this planet is not progress but stationariness. 'Progress, so-called, is an incident of adaptation to new conditions. Bees and ants must have spent millennia in perfecting their organisation; now that they have reached a stable equilibrium, no more changes are perceptible.

They made their way into the woods through the darkness, keeping close together for some time, before they exchanged words. It was not far from morning when they began their attempt at escape; but they had made considerable progress from the Indian encampment before the dawn.

Heavily groaning, to her thus answer'd the rapid Achilleus: "Mother, already thou knowest, and why should it all be recounted? We in our progress assailing Aëtion's hallowèd city, Conquer'd and sack'd it, and hither conducted the plunder of Theba. Then when the sons of Achaia assembled to make the division, They to Atreides allotted for guerdon the comely Chrysëis.

We say, morally, that high character is conformity to present public opinion; we say industrially that the present order is best and that children must be trained to perpetuate it. But, it is objected, what else can we do? Can we teach Revolution to the inexperienced in hope that they may discern progress?

Hutch, that my father kept a daughter at school who was of age to be put to work; but so far was he from reproaching him for it that he detained my father by the half-hour, inquiring about my progress and discussing my future.

The establishment of this liberty may be considered the most valuable achievement of modern civilization, and as a condition of social progress it should be deemed fundamental. The considerations of permanent utility on which it rests must outweigh any calculations of present advantage which from time to time might be thought to demand its violation.

Now, the first sense suggested to us in these days by the word "progress," is material progress all that came in with steam; and this narrow conception vitiates much of our reasoning.