'Speak the truth, and say you hate him, and God forgive you your sin. But it is a greater one than Robert has committed against you. 'How dare you say such things to me, Miss Garston? trying to free her hands; but still I held them fast. 'You will make me hate you next. I am not a pleasant-tempered woman. 'If you do, I will promise you forgiveness beforehand.

I think you will find this rule not far wrong That all which comes from the weakness of a man's soul, is sin: all which comes from abusing its strength, is wickedness. All which drags a man down, and makes him more like a brute animal, is sin: all which puffs him up, and makes him more like a devil, is wickedness.

This house, in order to this work, must be Affected with the sin and misery, Of this poor creature, yea, must mourn and weep, To think such tares, in your neglect, or sleep, Should spring up here, nor must they once invent To think, till he's cast out, you're innocent.

How do the poor fear the rich, the weak fear the strong, and those that are threatened, them that threaten! But come now to God; why, none fear him; that is, by nature, none reverence him; they neither fear his frowns, nor seek his favour, nor inquire how they may escape his revenging hand that is lifted up against their sins and their souls because of sin.

I am poor, I am humbly born, but till I came here, I was rich and proud in honour. I am not so now. Lucretia, pardon me, pardon me! Let the dream be over; we must not sin thus; for it is sin, and the worst of sin, treachery. We must part: forget me!" "Forget you!

If you want to understand why He laid aside His garments and took the servile form of our manhood, the appeal of man's sin to His love and the answer of His Divine condescension are the only explanation. Again, let me remind you that there is no cleansing without Christ. Can you do it for yourselves, do you think?

Now those who resemble God are the most likely to understand God. If a man is not willing to turn from sin he will not know God's will, nor will God reveal His secrets to him. But if a man is willing to turn from sin he will be surprised to see how the light will come in! I remember one night when the Bible was the driest and darkest book in the universe to me.

We shall slay Dhritarashtra's son and Sakuni and Karna in battle, and place the Pandava on the throne. There is no sin in slaying them that are bent on slaying us: but to be a beggar before foes is both impious and infamous. I ask you to be diligent in doing that which is heartily desired by Yudhishthira. Let Pandu's son get back the kingdom resigned by Dhritarashtra!

She drew her mantle round her shoulders, and turned her back upon him with a contemptuous gesture. "You have made me what I shall be," she said. "The sin be with you. For several weary years you have made me miserable. Now you have made me wicked." She walked away into the perfumed darkness, and presently he heard the gate close behind her.

I know that in her worst sin against my love for I went on loving her to the last your mother remained what the world calls innocent. But years after I had believed there was an end of all communion between those two, I discovered letters, even stolen meetings rare, I confess, and never without witnesses, but no less a treason against me.