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Adolay laughed heartily at this, and Cheenbuk joined her, feeling his nose at the same time, as if to make sure that its handsome proportions were not changed. "And look look, father!" resumed the girl, growing excited over the letter; "that is your friend Mozwa! I feel sure of it by the shape of his legs. Who could mistake his legs? Nobody is like mother. She does legs as well as faces.

Nevertheless, he beamed back heartily on the sun, and remarked, in a pleasant Scotch accent, that: Did they know it was very extraordinary how clear the morning was, so free from clouds and mist and fog?

In his latter days, after all triumphs and victories, he expresses himself heartily weary of living; he considers that God alone can and will regulate the course things are taking, and that perhaps the Day of Judgment is not far. As for him, he longs for one thing: that God would release him from his labor, and let him depart and be at rest.

Why, you, returned his master. 'What do you mean by making those horrible faces over your breakfast? 'Faces are matters of taste, sir, said Mr Tappertit, rather discomfited; not the less so because he saw the locksmith's daughter smiling. 'Sim, rejoined Gabriel, laughing heartily. 'Don't be a fool, for I'd rather see you in your senses.

"Faith, I fear I shall not look my best when it is all over, but if so it will be the fault of the Dons they seem most careless as to requirements of the toilet. Yet I would not have you deem me ungrateful, and I thank you heartily, Monsieur.

I must to gossip Sophie!" "Verily, dear mother and father," said Christina, who had rallied a little, "have patience with me. I may not lightly or suddenly betroth myself; I know not that I can do so at all, assuredly not unless my sons were heartily willing. Have I your leave to retire?" "Granted, my child, for meditation will show thee that this is too fair a lot for any but thee.

Peyton," he said heartily. "No one could understand better what is for her interest in all things than yourself. Not," he said, with hasty and equally hearty loyalty to his old playmate, "that I think she would ever go against your wishes, or do anything that she knows to be wrong, but she is very young and innocent, as much of a child as ever, don't you think so, Mrs. Peyton?"

Will you go?" "Verily, that will I," replied Alice heartily. "You see, if Father Tye should stir up the embers and get all alight again, maybe we shalln't have so many more sermons afterward; so we'd best get our good things while we can." "Ay, there may be a famine of hearing the words of the Lord," said Alice gravely. "God avert the same, if His will is!"

Let them help this society heartily. The children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

"I beg to be allowed to thank you for your aid," he said with emotion, turning and facing me. "Whom have I the honour of addressing?" "M. Anne de Caylus, a friend of your cousin," I replied. "Indeed?" he said "well, I thank you most heartily," and we embraced with warmth. "But I could have done little," I answered modestly, "on your behalf, if it had not been for this ring."