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"A very promising article accepted extremely willingly," said Franks. "Miss Aylmer deserves your hearty congratulations, Trevor. She is a very fortunate young lady indeed." "I know I am, and I am grateful," said Florence. Trevor again looked at her. "She is not happy. What can be wrong?" he said to himself. "Have you ever published anything before?" continued Franks. "Never."

Sir Raynald went through the solemnity of presenting Richard de Montfort as about to fight in defence of his own innocence. The Prince coldly accepted the presentation. Richard knew that Sir Raynald was deemed anything but a satisfactory sponsor; but the young knight's hearty sympathy, a sort of radiance caught from good old Sir Robert, was too comforting not to be reposed on.

As soon as he had filled his glass, he rose, and drank to the fishermen of Portlossie, their wives and their sweethearts, wishing them a mighty conquest of herring, and plenty of children to keep up the breed and the war on the fish. His speech was received with hearty cheers, during which he sauntered away to rejoin his friends.

I had a vague feeling of uneasiness, not free from alarm, but the hearty snoring of the one, and the fitful complaints of the other of my bedfellows died away on my ear, and I, too, shared their unconsciousness in deep sleep. The man who brought my baggage arrived early next morning.

Come inside and tell him the news." "Sure thing." "Well, well!" Martin said. "So you and Mort are still partners, eh?" "Still partners?" Johnny took up the pail of water. "Well, rather! We'll always be partners." His voice was young and full and hearty as he continued: "Why, Mort's the best fellow in the world. I'd lay down my life for him."

She just raised herself up and gave Mr. Casey two hearty smacks, at which there arose a shout. "I shan't try to thank you," she said, "for I can not." Then another surprise came in shape of a wonderful diamond la valliere or pendant, and poor Mrs. Hollister was most embarrassed. "Mr. Casey," she said, "you are going to get me in wrong. People may criticise me."

"Here, here, Swing!" cried Racey, struck by a brilliant idea. "What you doing with that gun?" "I " began the bewildered Swing who had not even thought of his gun but was peacefully sitting on his cot pulling off his boots. "Leave it alone!" Racey interrupted in a hearty bawl. "Don't you go holding it at the wall even in fun. It might go off. You can't tell.

Meanwhile, the new-comer was by his friend helped to some ragout, which pleased his palate so well, that he declared he should now make a hearty meal, for the first time since he had crossed the water; and, while his good-humour prevailed, he drank to every individual around the table.

"I know how it was," said Whopper, as the full truth dawned on him. "I ate a very hearty supper last night, and when I went to bed my head was full of those two bears we brought down. That gave me the nightmare." "Then, after this, we'll have to send you to bed supperless," said Snap. "Not much!" cried Whopper.

Moreover the hearty laughter of Louis Fores helped to restore her dignity. If the spectacle was good enough for him, with all his knowledge of the world, to laugh at, she need not blush for its effect on herself.