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We both had a hot bath and she went supperless to bed, but I took my rations. Presently John K. McLean and party, of Oakland, came in. They had scaled Glacier Point that day and were about as tired and fagged as we. The next day Mrs. Stanton kept her bed till nearly noon; but I was up and on my horse at eight and off with the McLean party for the Nevada and Vernal Falls....

At dusk I was about to sleep, supperless, upon the bare ground, when my patron, Colonel Murphy, again came in sight, and invited me to occupy a shelter-tent, on the brow of the hill at White Oak. To my great joy, he was able to offer me some stewed beef, bread and butter, and hot coffee. I ate voraciously, seizing the food in my naked fingers, and rending it like a beast.

"Now, Harry, you've touched upon the point in which, you must confess, my genius always stood unrivalled acknowledge, if you are not dead to gratitude acknowledge how often should you have gone supperless to bed in our bivouacs in the Peninsula, had it not been for the ingenuity of your humble servant avow, that if mutton was to be had, and beef to be purloined, within a circuit of twenty miles round, our mess certainly kept no fast days.

Robin asked, after a silence during which his eyes never left her and hers were shut; and even to himself his voice sounded deeper, more intense than usual. "Oh yes," murmured Priscilla with a little sigh. "Are you happy?" Happy? Can anybody who is supperless, dinnerless, breakfastless, be happy, Priscilla wondered?

But as nothing in the shape of food could be found, either on the premises or in the neighborhood, we had to go supperless to bed. "I shall tell her," said the cacique, "that though I have lost my braves and brought no maidens, I have brought two famous medicine-men, who come from over the seas." "Very good. But how are we to keep up the character?"

It was getting late, and unless we could kill something soon we should have to go supperless to bed. "Hillo! I see something," cried Robin, and rushing forward he held up one of the despised swans. The sight at all events gave pleasure to Bouncer, who began barking and leaping round it. "You shall have some directly, old fellow," cried Robin.

Often everything was so soaked with rain that it was impossible to build a fire. The poor boy, weary and supperless, spattered with mud and drenched with rain, threw himself upon the wet ground for that blessed sleep in which the weary forget their woes.

So the idea is abandoned; and for this night they must resign themselves to going supperless. Fortunately, none of the three feels a-hungered; their dinner being as yet undigested. Besides, Gaspar is not without hope that something may turn up to reprovision them, ere the sun goes down.

The lady had retired to her chamber, and the baron had passed a supperless and sleepless night, stalking about his apartments till an advanced hour of the morning, when hunger compelled him to summon into his presence the spoils of the buttery, which, being the intended array of an uneaten wedding feast, were more than usually abundant, and on which, when the knight and the friar entered, he was falling with desperate valour.

On the whole, he felt much happier than in the time of brooding idleness. He looked forward to the day when he would have a little more money in his pocket, and no longer dread the last fortnight of each quarter, with its supperless nights. Mrs. Weare's invitation to Lucerne cost him pangs. Lucerne!

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