I told you, Everard, I only sent it on for you to read because it sounded so funny, and I was rather proud of it!" "You told me nothing of the sort!" "Oh, but I did indeed! I was in such a hurry! Oh, good-night! Isn't it just like me! Poor old Everard, I never meant to give you such a scare! I'm frightfully sorry! Umpteen apologies!"

My mind quailed at this idea my brain tottered on the verge of madness! I laughed think of it! and my laugh sounded in my ears like the last rattle in the throat of a dying man. But I could breathe more easily even in the stupefaction of my fears I was conscious of air. Yes! the blessed air had rushed in somehow.

When, in the course of the evening the ladies retired, leaving Dr. Leete and myself alone, he sounded me as to my disposition for sleep, saying that if I felt like it my bed was ready for me; but if I was inclined to wakefulness nothing would please him better than to bear me company.

Rupert whispered to me with a white face: "Is it a hallucination, do you think? Does he really fancy he sees a house?" "I suppose so," I said. Then I added aloud, in what was meant to be a cheery and sensible voice, but which sounded in my ears almost as strange as the wind: "Come, come, Basil, my dear fellow. Where do you want us to go?"

Coming out, Giant started up two rabbits and quickly shot the game. "Say, that will bring him back, if he's in this vicinity," cried Snap. "Perhaps it would have been better " He stopped speaking, for as he spoke they heard another gunshot from the woods between them and the river. Then came a call that sounded somewhat familiar. "That can't be the wild man, can it?" queried Giant.

"I think you can milk one of the goats if I show you how, while I go and get the other things ready; I can leave the deck, for you see the ship steers herself very nicely; and, William, I have sounded the well just before you came up, and I don't think she makes much water; and," continued he, looking round him, and up above, "we shall have fine weather, and a smooth sea before night."

"Oh yes, my son," she answered, and her voice sounded sad and unsteady. "Often, mamma?" "Very often, my boy. Your parents once lived there, and you were born there." Ever since then the "White House" was to him what "Paradise Lost" is to mankind. "Who lives in the White House now?" he asked another time.

One of those silences which fall between people who have been estranged fell between them, during which he looked from her to the room, and all about him, and back to her, while she regarded him with that disinterested kindness. "How nice everything looks!" he said, breaking the silence in a voice which sounded crude to himself. "What a lot of flowers you have, and all these cushions!

Verily, verily, I did not know which color you would like to find me dressed I mean arrayed in, and so I beseech thee excuse pardon, I mean mine infirmity." The Princess was not sure of "infirmity," but it sounded well. She could not think of a better word.

"Anne, you must tell me," she said, catching her breath. "Not a nightmare, a real kiss, and neither of us wanting to kiss anybody, and still doing it and not being sorry. Being glad." She sounded so like herself in one of her fiercenesses that Anne at last believed she was wholly awake and felt a terror of her own. "Who was it, Lydia?" she asked sternly. "Who is it you are thinking about?"