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When the third daughter was born, he at once declared that she was a very weakly flower, and sternly forbade the mother to go to London. The mother, loving her babe, obeyed; but did not the less hate the doctor for the order, which she firmly believed was given at the instance and express dictation of Mr Gresham.

Then he sternly withdrew his gaze from the lady who peeped through her fingers in the dusk, and brought it back to the red-headed person, who had continued his conversation with unbroken volubility. "... and she says to me," he was concluding "'Mr. Flathers, she says, 'it's a privelege to help such as you.

Then she raised the curtains and reopened the door to the innocent spring night, after which we sat to our meatless and wheatless repast. In place of meat we sternly contented ourselves with stewed chicken, certain of the Arrowhead fowls having refused to do their bit in eggs and now paying the penalty in a crisis when something is expected from everyone.

He wasn't really drunk; but when a man is famished and dead-tired, two or three glasses of wine will have an immense effect on him; though one glass will serve to pull him together, as it did me, to a certain extent anyhow. I was able to ask Loris about that horrible apparition I had seen. "Yes, she is the Countess Anna Pendennis, or all that remains of her," he answered sternly and sadly.

The deacon spoke sincerely, with an aching heart, and tears actually came into his eyes. Father Fyodor felt sorry for him. "You are to blame, deacon, you are to blame," he said, but not so sternly and heatedly as before. "If you could beget him, you ought to know how to instruct him. You ought to have trained him in his childhood; it's no good trying to correct a student."

'I never heard about that, I said; and we both paused, and she looked sternly at the fire, and the storm roared and ha-ha-ed till the old house shook again. 'But Uncle Silas could not help that, I said at last. 'No, he could not help it, she acquiesced unpleasantly. 'And Uncle Silas was' I paused in a sort of fear.

'I never was, and I never will be, replied the Goddess. 'Treason! treason! screamed Terror. 'My love, I must go! 'Pluto, said Proserpine, 'understand me once for all, I will not be contradicted. Rage stamped his foot. 'Proserpine, understand me once for all, it is impossible, said the God, frowning. 'My Pluto! said the Queen. 'Is it my Pluto who speaks thus sternly to me?

The next morning they were delighted at seeing the "Falcon" lying a few cables' length distant, and, bidding good-bye to their new friends, they hailed a shore boat, and were soon alongside the "Falcon." The first lieutenant was on deck. "Young gentlemen," he said sternly, "you have committed a very serious offence, and are liable to be tried by court-martial for having deserted your ship.

Lizzy at once looked out of the window and saw the man peering into the shop-door, as if exploring the premises. Impelled by some presentiment of evil, Mr. Hardwick got up from the table, and sternly motioning the boys back, went down to the shop.

"Do you appreciate the gravity of your own position, sir, under the circumstances?" sternly demanded the Iron King. "I don't understand you," said the skipper, in evident perplexity. "You don't? That is strange. You are the last man the last person who saw Governor-elect Rothsay alive, at eleven o'clock on the night of his disappearance. After that hour he was missing, and you had run away."