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He saw a picture of abject dejection there Bluff sitting on the floor, in the midst of piles of garments, clothes bags, and all manner of things, frowning and shaking his head, as if he had lost his last friend. "What's the matter?" demanded Frank, drawing nearer. "Matter enough," answered the disconsolate one, sighing heavily.

For many days we voyaged by rivers and lakes, until we arrived at the Michipicoten River, which is a very rough one, and full of tremendous falls and rapids. One day, while we were descending a rapid that rushed through a dark gorge of frowning rocks, and terminated in a fall, our canoe was broken in two, and the most of us thrown into the water.

If she can go out in the garden she can come to church." "I have spoken to her once," said Mr. Gresley, frowning, "and though I put it before her very plainly she showed great obstinacy. Fond as I am of Hester, I cannot shut my eyes to the fact that she has an arrogant and callous nature.

I drew back to the rock now, and Cross passed me in silence, with his chin defiantly in the air. He turned when he had gained the path above, and stood for a moment frowning down at me. "I am going to marry Miss Stewart," he called out. "The sooner you find a new master, and take yourself off, the better. I don't want to see you again."

Outside, the noise seemed to be increasing. The door was suddenly thrown open. Hannah Cox stood outside in her plain black dress, her hair wind-tossed, her eyes aflame. She held the key in her fingers, and she looked in upon them. Her lips seemed to move, but she said nothing. "My good woman," Mr. Fentolin exclaimed, frowning, "are you the person who removed that key?"

Of course he pretended a frowning, absorbed interest in a newspaper but the very newspaper was strange; he guessed not that unless he glanced first at the penultimate column of page one thereof he convicted himself of not knowing his way about. He could not think consecutively, not even of his adventure. His brain was in a maze of anarchy.

The little man stopped abruptly. It seemed that his speech gave uncommon pleasure to the tall gentleman on the black charger, whose face twitched with a barely perceptible smile. King William, on the other hand, was frowning heavily. "Sir," he said, "your tongue runs dangerously near sedition." "I am sorry your Majesty thinks so." "You are also very foolish.

Clemence drew herself up at once, and with frowning brow regained her coolness, standing upright upon one foot, like Cupid in the painting by Gerard; like him, also, she seemed about to fly away, there was so much airy lightness in her improvised attitude.

She trembled as she thought that soon this poor hut might shelter her no longer; that her few belongings might be taken away from her, and she herself be driven out to perish upon the cold hill-side. As she looked at her guest, lying asleep in a corner, and frowning a little with the pain of his wound, she felt as though she hated him.

Martin, please.... That you, Charlie? ... You might come in a cab to Jermyn Street I forget the number Dan Levy's, the money-lender's thanks, old chap! ... Wait a bit, Charlie a constable...." But Dan Levy had unlocked his door and flung it open. "There you are, you scoundrels! But we'll meet again, my fine swell-mobsmen!" Raffles was frowning at the telephone. "I've been cut off," said he.