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Grace was very diligently trying the changes that could be made in the positions of a china-mouse, a cat, a dog, a cup, and a Brahmin, on the mantelpiece; Lord Colambre as diligently reading the newspaper. 'Now, my dear Colambre, said Lady Clonbrony, 'put down the paper, and listen to me.

The following morning Bob was in the trolley car on his way to school. The car was full, and every one was eagerly scanning a newspaper or discussing the war with his neighbor. Words of praise for the President were to be heard on all sides, and enthusiasm was everywhere in evidence. Old men wished they were young enough to enlist. All at once Bob heard voices raised in dispute.

It was the publication in the United States of the story of his fighting career which stimulated newspaper interest not merely in England, but throughout the British Empire. To Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa into the farthest corners of the earth went the tale of the death of a great American fighter.

They know about me, and can tell. And so do printers, from St. Louis to New York; and so do newspaper reporters, from Nevada to San Francisco. And so do the police. If Shakespeare had really been celebrated, like me, Stratford could have told things about him; and if my experience goes for anything, they'd have done it.

Another day when he was with me the fire burned low and I held up a newspaper before it to make a draught. It did not answer very well, and though the boy said nothing I saw he thought me a fool. The next day he ran up in great excitement. 'I'm after trying the paper over the fire, he said, 'and it burned grand.

He had met a friend he had not seen for a couple of years, who had insisted on taking him home to dine. His wife gave no sign of having heard him; she kept her eyes riveted on the paper before her. 'You received my wire, of course, Willoughby went on, 'and did not wait? Now she crushed the newspaper up with a passionate movement, and threw it from her.

Sometimes I fancy that a suburban home is the true home after all. When I pass Laburnum Lodge I think of Him saying good-bye to Her at the gate, as he takes the air each morning on his way to the station. What if the train is crowded? He has his newspaper. That will see him safely to the City.

I say that a paper does no good till it pays; it has no influence, its motives are always suspected, and you've got to make it pay by hook or by crook, before you can hope to to forward any good cause by it. That's what I say. Of course," he added, in a large, smooth way, "I'm not going to contend that a newspaper should be run solely in the interest of the counting-room. Not at all!

EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS, March 1, 1838. Sir A newspaper, headed 'The Emancipator, in which you are announced the 'publishing agent, has, for some weeks past, arrived at the post office in this city, to my address.

She went down to Broad Street to see the curb market; marveled at the men with telephones in little coops behind opened windows; stared at the great newspaper offices on Park Row, the old City Hall, the mingling on lower Broadway of sky-challenging buildings with the history of pre-Revolutionary days.