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"For what we are to give thanks, in addition to our great public blessings," continued the preacher, "each one of us must look into his individual life and surroundings to discover.

Twice is sufficient unless the colour is to be very dark; when dry, rub off the loose dye with a coarse cloth; beat up the white of an egg, and with a sponge, rub it over the leather. The dye will stain the hands, but wetting them with vinegar before they are washed will take it off. TO BLEACH STRAW HATS, &c.

Ormond herself referred to the matter. "Guy," she said, "are you sure you haven't taken cook's methylated spirit?" "Quite sure, mother." "I should be sorry to think that you weren't telling me the truth about such a small matter, but I must say it does seem very strange. Sarah goes and finds the bottle standing uncorked and empty, and I know myself that there was some spirit in it a few days ago."

The young people who come into Paris from the provinces are very apt so I have been told by one that knows to have an attack of typhoid fever a few weeks or months after their arrival. I have not been long enough at this table to get well acclimated; perhaps that is it. Boarding-House Fever. Something like horse-ail, very likely, horses get it, you know, when they are brought to city stables.

"Are you going to play parts here?" asked Miss Dixon, with the freemasonry of the theater, speaking without being introduced. "Oh, no!" replied Ruth, quickly. "We just came to see my father." "Maybe they think they're too good for the movies," sneered Pearl Pennington, but only Russ heard her, and he glanced at her sharply. "All ready for 'A Turn of the Card' now!" called Mr. Pertell, as Mr.

"But will he not allow us," he said, "to stay at home as usual? Surely " Lady Maxwell shook her head. "And Isabel?" she asked, "who will look after her when you are away?" "Mrs. Carroll?" he said interrogatively. Again she shook her head. "He would never consent," she said, "it would not be right." Isabel looked up suddenly, and her eyes brightened a little.

If you are permitted to examine these shops and the dwelling of the family, you will notice that the most scrupulous cleanliness is every where practiced; if there is a stove in the room, a small broom and dust-pan hang near it, and a wood-box stands by it; scrapers and mats at the door invite you to make clean your shoes; and if the roads are muddy or snowy, a broom hung up outside the outer door mutely requests you to brush off all the mud or snow.

The women are even thinking of building an annex for themselves." "And, in spite of all this, you have many suicides in the house?" "As I said, about forty or fifty a day. Society people are rare, but poor devils abound. The middle class has also a large contingent. "And how . . . do they do?" "They are asphyxiated . . . very slowly." "In what manner?" "A gas of our own invention.

"All of which," said Stefan with a short laugh, "is an elaborate way of saying you are tired of me." Her eyebrows raised themselves a fraction. "You are wonderfully attractive, Stefan; you fascinate me as a panther fascinates by its lithe grace, and your mind has the light and shade of running brooks." Stefan looked pleased. "But," she went on, her lids still drooping, "I must have harmony.

The wicket opened on a stone staircase, leading upward. It struck cold and damp, but was not dark. "Yours," said the gaoler. "Why am I confined alone?" "How do I know!" "I can buy pen, ink, and paper?" "Such are not my orders. You will be visited, and can ask then. At present, you may buy your food, and nothing more." There were in the cell, a chair, a table, and a straw mattress.