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"She reasons from her knowledge of herself." Then reflecting how Carroll had undoubtedly sent his son to return his pilfered sweets, he began to wonder if he could possibly have been mistaken in his estimate of the man's character, if he had reasoned from wrong premises, and from that circumstantial evidence which his experience as a lawyer should have led him to distrust.

It hung there until the evening, and nobody seems to have thought about the money, each supposing that someone else had put it carefully away. After tea Mr. Carroll put on the coat and went to see somebody over at Netherby. He says the thought of the pocketbook never crossed his mind; he had forgotten all about putting it in that coat pocket.

The piles of snow along the sidewalks grew until Carroll could hardly look over them. Great fierce winds swept in from the lake. Sometimes Orde and his wife drove two miles to the top of the sand hills, where first they had met in this their present home, and looked out beyond the tumbled shore ice to the steel-gray, angry waters.

"I don't like to own up I've been bit," said the postmaster, "but when it comes to being sick, and nerves being wrecks, there are others with full as much reason as Carroll." "He'll pay up every cent," said Lee, eagerly. "Maybe he will pay his debts," said the postmaster. "I am not going to say he won't. I suppose he means to.

During the battle Getty and Carroll were wounded, but remained on the field. One of Birney's most gallant brigade commanders Alexander Hays was killed. I had been at West Point with Hays for three years, and had served with him through the Mexican war, a portion of the time in the same regiment. He was a most gallant officer, ready to lead his command wherever ordered.

This Mr. Prince, whom you Americans call Aladdin, was a friend of Dr. West; they were associated in business, and he will probably have access to his papers. The rest we must leave to you." "I think you may," said Carroll, simply. Maruja stretched out her hand. The young man bent over it respectfully and moved towards the door.

Finally his face cleared and he stopped before Leverage's chair. "I've got it!" he announced triumphantly. "Got what?" "Never mind," Carroll was surcharged with suppressed excitement. "I want you to do something for me, Leverage and do it promptly." "Sure " "Send Cartwright and bring Garry Gresham here." "Garry Gresham?" "Yes the young lady's brother." Leverage was bewildered.

His comrade, however, was impulsive, while Jessy was calculating and clever; and Carroll foresaw that complications might follow any increase of friendliness between her and Vane. He thought it might be wise to warn her to leave Vane alone. "Well," he answered, "since you have asked, I'll try to tell you."

I'm a little surprised to see you looking so fresh." "Oh, I used to go out with the mackerel boats at home we lived at the ferry. It was a mile across the lough, and with the wind westerly the sea worked in." "The lough? I told Carroll that you were from the Green Isle."

This afternoon I let him do a most injudicious thing; and now I've done another which I fear is worse. On the whole, I think I'd better take him away to the bush. He'd be safer there." "Ye will no; no just now," declared his hostess firmly. Carroll made a sign of resignation. "Oh, well," he agreed, "if you say so. I'm quite willing to stand out and let things alone.