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And so it was arranged that the boys should leave immediately after luncheon. They sought long and earnestly during the morning to prevail upon Edna to accompany them, or to make her way to Louvain; but she declared her intention of remaining where she was. "I am much safer here than I should be on the road," she said. "No one will harm me. Besides, I must take care of the house."

Such cases should likewise be discarded, since they bring in confusing elements. If we review the long list of recorded cases by these strict methods of criticism very few instances will be found that satisfy legitimate demands. On this ground it is by far safer in the present state of our knowledge, to accept bud-variations only as direct proofs of true atavism.

Before nightfall had set in, an island had been seen at a short distance to the north, and they decided at once to make for this; as, if caught in mid ocean by a storm, they had little hope of weathering it in a craft like that in which they were placed; although the natives, habituated to them, were able to keep the sea in very rough weather in these little craft; which, to an English eye, appeared no safer than cockleshells.

I inquired, smiling, for the sagacity of the dog amused as well as interested me. "Much safer! Leo carries on his collar a small tin case, just large enough to contain several folded sheets of paper. When he knows he has that box to guard during his journeys, he is simply unapproachable.

"Not hurt, Hetty!" exclaimed the missionary, running forward to help the girl up. "Oh! no, sir," replied Hetty with a short laugh, as she rose and placed Lilly on a safer part of the see-saw. "Come here, Hetty," said John Seaward, "and rest a while. You have done enough just now; let some one else take your place."

One and all stared at the crusty old farmer, who for years had avoided all boys as though he thought them a dangerous breed of animals which it were safer to let severely alone.

In fact I have been denounced and, as there is still room for a few more in the prisons, I should have had a cell placed at my disposal, if I had remained there many more hours; so I thought that I should be safer, down here, till there was some change in the state of affairs." "And you brought madame down with you?" "Assuredly.

"If you are pursued, it will be safer for you to take up your abode here. I am known to all the inhabitants of this country, who look upon me as mad, and respect me accordingly. None ever interfere with me, or with the two or three other hermits, the remains of what was once almost an army, who now alone survive.

They will be on the floor again in a few minutes, so I thought it safer to call you before I started to sell. Mr. Randolph, they cannot take much more of anything in here, and if I begin to throw stocks over, it will bring the gavel inside of ten minutes; and that will be to announce a dozen failures. It's yet twenty minutes to one and God only knows what will happen before three.

When this approaches the wall it will overtop it, and a drawbridge with grappling irons may be dropped upon the parapet. Elsewhere there is mining and countermining. From a safer distance the artillery of the time is hurling its formidable missiles.