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Adam silently pressed the Jew's right hand, and after remaining lost in thought for a time, said in a hollow tone: "If they catch you, and Holy Virgin if they discover . . . Ruth. . . . She is not really a Jew's child . . . have you reared her as a Jewess?" "No; only as a good human child." "Is she baptized?" Lopez answered this question also in the negative.

I had to give him a merciless mental 'third degree. I told him if he refused I was going to Sorenson with the same offer, who would jump at the chance. And, my dear man, we haven't, in reality, enough proof to convict a mouse since you lost that paper. So now, so far as he's concerned, you must bend a little, a very little and you'll be able to hang the remaining three."

Men and women rushed about like frightened sheep without concert or any sensible effort to escape, wasting in futile scrambles the short time remaining to them. For another half hour had now passed, and in sixty minutes the earthquake would take place. "Follow us!" I shouted, as with my companions I rode slowly through the camp. "Keep the track to the sea.

It is to be hoped that those portions of two of the Southern tribes, which in that event will present the only remaining difficulties, will realize the necessity of emigration, and will speedily resort to it. My original convictions upon this subject have been confirmed by the course of events for several years, and experience is every day adding to their strength.

To the question of Nano, as to whether he likes remaining a hermaphrodite in order to 'vary the delight of each sex, Androgyno replies: Alas, those pleasures be stale and forsaken; No 't is your fool wherewith I am so taken, The only one creature that I can called blessed; For all other forms I have proved most distressed. Nano. Spoke true, as thou wert in Pythagoras still.

Madame de Bergenheim began to play the Duke of Reichstadt's Waltz, striking only the first measure of the accompaniment, in order to show her lover where to put his fingers. The waltz went on. Clemence played the air and Octave the bass, two of their hands remaining unoccupied those that were close to each other.

Searchlights flashed furiously, but Erskine and Castellan had already taken the bearings of the remaining ships, and the Ithuriel, now ten feet below the water, and steered solely by compass, struck ship after ship, till the whole of the Reserve was drifting helplessly to destruction. This, as they had both guessed, produced a double effect on the battle.

In response to the notice set up in the latter's office, and circulated also among a tithe of the community by the British Charitable Fund, it was arranged that sixty or seventy persons should accompany the Secretary and Vice-Consul out of the city, the military attachee, Colonel Claremont, alone remaining there.

After the man and the bear had finished their little meal, if one may be frankly metaphorical, it was impossible to decide whether the remaining being was the man or the bear, or which of the two had swallowed the other.

When you expressed some painful feeling upon it, I told him I could not consent to his remaining here, painful as it would be to me to part with him, without your written sanction. And this you did me the favour to give.