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Godly Fear reminded them that no petition would be received which was not signed by the Lord Secretary, and that the Lord Secretary would sign nothing which he had not himself drawn up. The Lord Secretary, when appealed to in the proper manner, no longer refused his assistance.

The nominal head of the ministry which succeeded that of Lord Grenville was the Duke of Portland; its guiding spirit was the Foreign Secretary, George Canning, a young and devoted adherent of Pitt, whose brilliant rhetoric gave him power over the House of Commons, while the vigour and breadth of his mind gave a new energy and colour to the war.

"You shall know it better before the night is out, and better still before next Sunday's come." "Tush!" said Trenchard, and quoted, "'There's none but Anthony may conquer Anthony." "'Tis clear," said Wilding, "you take me for a rebel. An odd mistake! For it chances, Sir Rowland, that you behold in me an accredited servant of the Secretary of State."

The governor is elected for two years; and may not hold the office more than six in any term of eight years. He must be thirty years of age, and have been a citizen of the state seven years. No lieutenant-governor. A secretary of state for four years, and a treasurer for two years, are chosen by joint vote of the general assembly. Electors.

Then the lads were driven to the embassy. Here Jack presented his credentials and expressed his desire to see the secretary of the navy at once. "You return to your hotel," said the ambassador. "I'll arrange the audience and call for you in my automobile." The lads followed these instructions. At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the ambassador called for them.

This original draft of the report was modified, at the instance of President Lincoln, to the following and thus appeared in Secretary Cameron's report of that date, as printed: "It is already a grave question what shall be done with those Slaves who were abandoned by their owners on the advance of our troops into Southern territory, as at Beaufort district, in South Carolina.

By this time an opposition had begun to rise against the great secretary, and Madison proposed to inquire in each case what the holder of a certificate of debt had paid for it; he was to be reimbursed in that amount, and the balance of the principal was to be paid to the original holder.

I informed the under secretary, who was in waiting, who I was, and what was my business, and I made an appointment to wait on Colonel McMahon at two o'clock on the following day.

I fulfil, Sire, word for word the mission with which I have been entrusted, and I send the chief secretary of the embassy to be assured that this letter is rightly delivered. I beg your Majesty to accept the homage of my respect, etc. In 1830-31 this imprudent young man joined the ill-combined mad insurrection in the States of the Pope.

"This is most unsatisfactory, I must say." "We must fill it up," replied the Secretary. "I have an idea; it connects with something I was on the point of saying." He looked round the room cautiously, but saw only a young lad bent over an illustrated paper. "There is some one," he continued, subduing his voice, "who might possibly be willing to stand if Mr.