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When each had taken his own proportion of the booty, and while the treasurer, accompanied by four tall yeomen, was transporting that belonging to the state to some place of concealment or of security, the portion devoted to the church still remained unappropriated.

But what I don't see is this: I'd make something out of the whisky for the gentleman's aunt, but I don't understand how I'm to make a penny out of the statue." "You'll be treasurer of the fund," said Dr. O'Grady, "and I needn't tell you that in all these cases the treasurer well, there might be a little balance in hand at the end. There often is. Nobody ever inquires about those balances.

In pursuance of this clause Congress has in the four organized Territories instituted governments as follows: The executive of the Territory is a Governor appointed by the President for a four years' term. There is also a secretary and treasurer. The legislature consists of two houses, a council of 12, and a House of Representatives of 24.

Louis and elected N. G. Taylor, the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, president; J. B. Sanborn, treasurer; and A. S. H. White, Esq., of Washington, D. C., secretary. In the St.

"They will try various tricks," added the treasurer, yawning; "but in fact they have not strength enough. In every case I thank the gods who put me in the pharaoh's camp. Well, let us go to sleep." After the dignitaries had left the chamber of the pharaoh, Tutmosis opened a secret door in one of the walls, and led in Samentu.

Burghley took the precious letter which the favourite had addressed to his royal mistress, and had occasion to observe its magical effect. Walsingham and the Lord Treasurer had been right in so earnestly remonstrating with him on his previous silence.

Worth, acting as treasurer in North Carolina, to use the fragments of rebel property that might be gathered to defray the expenses of the provisional government of the State. In answer to a question put to Secretary Seward, he said: "I do not remember that any provisional governor held a military office, except Mr. Johnson." In the further examination of Mr.

John Hawkins was a well-to-do ship-owner of Plymouth, and as already stated, Treasurer of the Royal Navy, with a contract for the upkeep of ships.

I have been absent: there are doubtless some arrears; but ere we proceed to business, Herr Grafinski, you will direct four thousand crowns to be sent to me at once. Make a note, if you please, he added, as the treasurer still stared in wonder. 'Four thousand crowns? asked Seraphina. 'Pray, for what? 'Madam, returned Otto, smiling, 'for my own purposes.

My Lord Treasurer, they say, and others; would have it at the other end of the towne. I home late to Sir W. Pen's, who did give me a bed; but without curtains or hangings, all being down. So here I went the first time into a naked bed, only my drawers on; and did sleep pretty well: but still hath sleeping and waking had a fear of fire in my heart, that I took little rest.

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