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Other considerations of great weight urged the cession of this territory by Spain. It was surrounded by the Territories of the United States on every side except on that of the ocean.

Even in the more civilized central part it is not to this day easy to travel, for at the barriers, as you approach the territories of every prince, they demand your business and your papers; nor even if you establish the fact that you are innocent of designs against the State, shall you hardly enter without satisfying the greed of the officials.

It was impossible to canvass our vast territories with the zealous and indefatigable industry with which England was canvassed for signatures. In America, those possessed of the spirit which led to this efficient action had no leisure for it.

We who visit the territories of the old Republic in winter or early spring only perceive one aspect of the picture.

They added, "If, by miracle, he should happen to escape the pirates, and avoid the tempests, yet he could promise no manner of safety to himself in the ports of China, from whence the Portuguese were expelled; and, for what remained, if he were possessed with an unsatiable zeal, there were other vast kingdoms of the East, where the light of the gospel had not shone; that even in the neighbourhood of Goa there were isles remaining, and territories, of idolaters: that he might go thither in God's name, and leave the thoughts of those remote islands, which nature seemed to have divided from the commerce of mortals; and where the power of the Portuguese not being established, Christianity could not be able to maintain itself against the persecution of the Pagans."

The Commissioner has always trusted and believed in his men, and he has not been disappointed. "The population of the Territories has doubled in ten years and the strength of the Force has been reduced by half. Our detachments have increased from 49 to 79." This was one of the striking and illuminating statements made by Commissioner Perry in his Annual Report for 1901.

It is not too severe to say of those who engaged in this propaganda that the purpose was to take advantage of the unselfishness of the American people and of the altruism and idealism of President Wilson in order to impose on the United States the burdensome mandates and to divide those which covered desirable territories among the European Powers.

Houston Stewart Chamberlain and his followers. Nor can a long-prepared policy of annexation in Europe be inferred from the fact that Belgium and France were invaded after the war broke out, or even from the present demand among German parties that the territories occupied should be retained.

This continued to be the policy of the various tribes until he reached the river. The people on the further side of the river, however, thought it was best for them to resist. They were nearer to the Roman territories, and, consequently, somewhat more under Roman influence.

There was a disposition in many quarters to concede that popular sovereignty, whether theoretically right or wrong, would settle the question of slavery in the Territories.